Apple’s AirDrop for iOS 7 is the response to the cries of millions of users who want a better method of sharing their photos, videos and links than bluetooth, email or SMS. Prior to we go any additional, we’ve to mention that this function just works with the the iPad 4 or Mini, and the iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display, all running iOS 7. This implies there’s presently no chance of making use of AirDrop with an older iPads.

With that aside, using AirDrop in iOS 7 is rather simple once you understand exactly what you are doing. Initially, you’ll wish to enable AirDrop. To do so, just swipe up from all-time low of your iPad’s display, with your finger starting from simply below all-time low of the screen.

Then, pick the AirDrop button. A list of three selections will appear: ‘Everybody’ (Every iPad in the vicinity will be able to see yours), ‘Contacts Only’ (Only contacts with Apple IDs will be able to see your iPad) or ‘off’. If your iPad’s WiFi is not currently switched on, choosing Everybody or Contacts only will switch it on as AirDrop works via a direct WiFi connection between tablets.


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That’s all there’s to it. No matter which option you chose, you are now ready to start utilizing AirDrop to send and receive files. Below is exactly how:

First,tap the share button. This is the box with the arrow sticking straight up. This share button accesses the Share menu, which allows you to share through AirDrop, Facebook, iMessage, etc..  


Next, find the gadget you want to receive your AirDrop. This is the leading part of the Share menu. Gadgets will show up as a circle with a determining label under it. This will be the contact’s photo with their name under it, however if you do not have actually a photo attached to this contact, it’ll appear as a grey circle with their initials in it.

Last, tap the circle. Tapping will initiate sending the file to the recipient, who’ll then be prompted whether to accept the AirDrop.

That’s it. You can drop anything from pictures to websites. You can even share a contact by tapping the Share Contact button at the end of the contact’s information in the contacts app.