Normal Borowsing

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Private surfing is a very beneficial feature for the Safari browser app on the iPad and iOS. Secretive surfing mode your browsing history isn’t tape-recorded. So, as an example, if you are covertly searching around for an ideal birthday gift for your partner (who shares your iPad) and you don’t want them to see your searches you can just switch over to private searching to cover your tracks.

And it’s extremely easy to switch on personal surfing then swap back to normal searching whenever you want.

Here’s how:

– Open the Safari browser app

– Tap the + button near the top right of the screen, just to the right of the cloud icon.

– Then press the ‘Private’ button that’s at the bottom left of the screen.

Private button

You’ll then see a popup asking if you wish to close all tabs. You can opt to close them all or keep them open.

Close All Tabs

Once you make that choice you’ll be in personal browsing mode. One way you can tell you are in personal surfing mode is that the leading section of the display (where the address bar is) is in black. You can see this in this screenshot below (compare it to the one at the top of this post):

Safari Private Browsing

To switch over back to typical browsing once again simply tap the + button on top right again and tap on the word Personal once more.

Happy personal and public surfing on the iPad.