For whatever factor, Apple brought multitasking to the iPad a little late in the game. It took a lot of shouting from customers and even more compared to a several humbling TV ads from rivals for them to get the ball rolling. iOS 9 introduces numerous new multitasking attributes including Split View (which only functions on the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and the upcoming iPad Pro), Picture-in-Picture as well as Slide Over.

Slide Over, while it doesn’t truly promote complete multitasking (due to the fact that one app is stopped while the different is running), is still a wonderful feature that permits you to reference 2 applications on the display simultaneously. You can have Maps open on one side of the screen revealing you dining establishments in the area while you have testimonials of them open in Safari on the other side for example, or you can reference a web page while writing an email and more. It’s a whole lot far better than heavily transforming applications with the App Switcher. If you are running iOS 9 on an iPad mini 2 or much better or any kind of iPad Air design, you can make use of Slide Over.

It is rather easy to utilize, open any kind of compatible application as well as drag over from the appropriate side of the screen (in either portrait or landscape mode). This will raise a food selection of other suitable apps that takes up regarding a third of the screen. Scroll up or to the app you want and also touch on it to open it. Once it is open, tap on it or the initial app to change between them.

If you get on an iPad Air 2 or an iPad mini 4 and also both applications support Split View, you can drag the application further out into the screen to turn on that feature.

Many native apps presently sustain Slide Over in addition to a handful of 3rd party applications. That number will certainly increase as designers update their apps for iOS 9.