A individual Frank sent us a concern below.

I’m wishing to affix my ipad in the automobile for my daughter to see motion pictures in the back seat whilst we drove. Any means to do this?

Yeah, for children, or restless grownups, who’re destined to be trapped in a car for a long trip, you know playing movies on iPad are the response to keeping everyone pleased. Right here are the solutions.


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Watch online movies to iPad in the car

You probably already understand you can steam online video such as Netflix on your iPad. Just link to the internet and trigger your Netflix account and you can view streaming movies and TV programs anytime. Netflix will be portable and beneficial for those not wishing to carry 100s of films around in their cars or trucks.

Watch DVD films to iPad in the car

You can hack together an option to wirelessly stream DVD films from within your car to your iPad and leave more money in your wallet for snacks and gas. This solution below is truly simple if you’ve a spare wireless router and compact USB drive laying around.

Here are the components you require:

  1. A sturdy mount to hold the iPad.
  2. A wireless router with USB port for external hard disk.
  3. A DC inverter to power the wireless router and act as a USB charger for your iPad, etc. as required.
  4. A compact USB drive (at least 500 gb, even more space = more films)
  5. Depending on your car and speaker preferences …
    • An audio cable long enough to run from the iPad to the audio input jack on your stereo,
    • Headphones with a splitter and audio extension cable if required, or
    • A rechargeable exterior speaker, bluetooth or wired.

All of these products can be bought from Amazon if needed:

Here is how to set it all up:

  1. Rip films to the USB drive using the very best DVD to iPad converters like Aimersoft DVD Ripper (selected the iPad export predetermined)
  2. Install the mount
  3. Insert the iPad in the mount and link your audio solution
  4. Plug the DC inverter into an extra cigarette lighter adapter
  5. Plug the wireless router into the DC inverter
  6. Plug the USB drive into the wireless router
  7. Connect the iPad to the wireless network
  8. Use an app like FileBrowser on your iPad to access and play motion pictures from the USB drive