It’s a wedding for football followers who’re preparing for the 2013 NFL draft. For those fans unable to be in front of a television for the first round on Thursday evening, you’re in luck. Here we will reveal individuals the best ways to follow and view the 2013 NFL Draft on their iPad or iPhone.

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NFL 2013 [iOS Universal; Free]

The NFL 2013 app also offers live protection of the draft and consists of Draft Xtra, a second-screen experience that you can keep track of while you watch the draft on TELEVISION or over the web at There’s also news, analysis and mock drafts. Note: Some functions could require a COX, Cablevision or FiOS NFL Network subscription.

NFL Mobile [iOS Universal, Free]

The NFL Mobile app will offer live video protection of the NFL draft in addition to various other draft features like draft alerts and draft trackers, which enable you to follow your favored prospects and groups. Split between three days, the draft can consume your time in several hour chunks throughout which not much in fact is happening. If you cannot be around the television for that long due to the fact that you have, say, a job or something however you still really want to follow together with the draft, NFL Mobile has a live draft tracker and provides alerts when a pick or trade is made. Now you can know whatever is going on without needing to pay attention to Mel Kiper Jr. duplicate the exact same details over and over. Note: Some attributes could require a subscription and might be limited to Verizon or Verizon Wireless clients.

2013 Draft HQ – Pro Football [iOS Universal, US$ 2.99]

2013 Draft HQ – Pro Football is your one-stop look for info about the draft. Follow news on the leading players and review their stats from when they were in university. There are also mock drafts and forums so you can take part in the draft rather of simply reviewing it.

Draftpedia [iPhone; Free]

Opening Draftpedia is like dipping in to a well filled with nothing but NFL Draft details. You can look at the results of previous drafts dating back to 1970 to exercise your hindsight abilities, search by player to see where he was drafted and exactly what institution he came out of, look at occupation statistics to see if a player was truly worth their choice position, and plenty more. If there’s a piece of information about the draft floating around in the sports zeitgeist, it likely resides within this app.

NFL mobile draft website [Mobile Website, Free]

The NFL mobile draft internet site will assist individuals take note of the draft without setting up any apps. The site shows mock drafts from a few of the NFL network or internet site experts. It also provides a player tracker to keep track of favorite college sportsmens in the daft. An associated with war spaces for the 32 groups will show news essential to a favored team. Just select the group in the fall menu.