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iAd hasn’t been a success for Apple. Although the service was launched with a great deal of fanfare about ads that you really wish to experiment with and unheard-of levels of engagement, iAds has not really removed.

Part of the issue was Apple’s strategy: they focused on targeting big companies and demanded they make big minimum buys-in. There was no dipping a toe in iAd: you either did not utilize it at all, or plunged right into your neck for hundreds of countless dollars.

Apple’s waffled on that prior to, enabling ad developers to begin hocking their own apps on the iAd network beginning in 2010. Today, however, Apple has actually included an iAd Workbench, making it even easier (and way, way cheaper) for designers to promote with the network.

Here’s how Apple describes it:

Reach millions of iOS users with iAd Workbench, the most basic means to develop, handle and enhance ad campaigns to advertise your apps. Begin in just a couple of basic actions. Select the right audience for your app and set the very best rate for your business objectives. Develop tailored banners in minutes. Track your campaign efficiency and drive downloads at the expense that works for you. From beginning to finish iAd Workbench puts you in control.

There are options in iAd Workbench to change in between ‘Automatic’ targeting and ‘Manual’ optimization, which is smartly denoted by two big buttons appearing like an auto’s gearshifts. If you are in manual mode, you can choose to display advertisements in only specific classifications of apps. Pretty neat.

Even much better from a designer perspective, there’s now no ad too little that iAds won’t do. You can dip your toe in the iAds stream for as low as $50.

The iAd Workbench site is having some problems right now, but it needs to be available for all designers once Apple works the kinks out.