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No outlet? No problem.

Travelers, campers, heavy individuals, and those who spend a lot of time far from outlets know when you count on your iPhone for work or play, it’s not making it through the day without a minimum of one partial recharge. Especially with all the hip Vining and Instagramming we are all do these days.

iCarrier Portable Dual USB Charger by New Trent
Category: iOS Accessories
Works With: iPhones, iPods, iPads, USB Devices
Price: $68

For those who require a lot of portable power to-go, New Trent’s iCarrier, as the greatest capacity portable charger they make, guarantees not simply one smartphone recharge, however up to six. Six!

I dedicated my iPhone 5 to iCarrier-only crediting see how well the big boy carried out.

What It Does

With a 12,000 mAh battery in its belly, the iCarrier will not just power your puny iOS gadgets– it can jump begin your Honda. Ok, I made that car component up, however iCarrier, with its giant internal battery, is developed to handle your plethora of mobile gadgetry.

Cause simply one USB port is for suckas.

New Trent promises iCarrier charges most smartphones up to 6 times prior to it requires a charge of its own, however with its massive 12,000 milliamp capacity, I was also interested to see if it can completely charge my battery-packed Retina iPad.

And as is common with packs this effective, one measly USB port does not cut it, so iCarrier attributes two dual-amp USB ports, each able to charge either an iPhone or iPad. Taking it a step further, New Trent states cost times don’t decrease when two gadgets are plugged in.

In Use

Short and squat, but easily stowable.

Six and a half fees– that’s how many top-offs my iPhone 5 received from the iCarrier. That’s impressive. Now, I typically begin charging my phone once it comes down to about 10-15 % battery life, however regardless, iCarrier delivers on its promise to charge your phone 6 times. That’s power for days.

How about my iPad? Well, with about 9 % battery life left, iCarrier was able to take my iPad 3 way back up to 92 %. That’s more than any other battery pack I have doing their bested, and an additional outstanding efficiency.

Get your bag prepared for another Air Conditioning adapter.

iCarrier’s portable size makes it very simple to stow and carry, too. I’ve actually checked power bricks that have odd shapes which make them hard to stash. Though thick, iCarrier’s smart shape enables it to quickly suit the majority of wallets or pouches into which it was shoved.

About those dual USB ports: I did discover a small reduce in charging rate with two devices plugged in simultaneously, but nothing big, so that’s another win.

I do want iCarrier did not need its own charger, though– that’s another charger to contribute to the bag. I also would like a power indicator with others than 3 lights. Those do not do a wonderful task interacting the amount of power is actually left.