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Apple’s iPad Air goes on sale today– it’s much the best iPad Apple’s put out so far, but we are waiting with bated breath for the iPad mini with Retina screen. Till then, however, the Air is also the most remarkable accomplishment of engineering in any tablet device in terms of exactly what goes on under the hood, or a minimum of that’s what it looks like based upon iFixit’s conventional the first day teardown of the brand name new device.

As it does with every new Apple product launch, iFixit’s actually managed to get its hands on among the first shipping devices readily available anywhere in the world, and they’ve actually right away broken it open to see what makes it tick. In other words, what makes it tick is a battery. It’s a big one, and it uses up many of the area within the case– however it’s also in fact still smaller than the battery of the iPad Fourth generation, regardless of the fact that it’s a much more effective equipment.

This battery has only 2 cells, and is rated at 32.9 WHr capability, while the last iPad held a 3 cell, 43 WHr device. The brand-new slendered down lithium ion power source is providing energy to the same display as on the iPad it changes, which is a 9.7-inch display. That suggests the increased battery effectiveness is coming from elsewhere, it also probably indicates reduced element costs for Apple.

Other highlights from the teardown consist of a take a look at the A7 chip (which is actually a somewhat various variation to the one in the iPhone Fives), confirmation that it does have 1GB of RAM, and the RF elements that consist of a Qualcomm LTE processor with 1GB of specialized RAM itself, which helps account for the iPad Air’s wonderful variety of LTE band connectivity.

iFixit concludes by saying that the iPad Air attains a repairability score of just 2 from 10, which is in line with the repairability rating of Apple tablets in general. If you are searching for something modular, however, you are most likely not looking for an incredibly thin and light tablet that’s as portable as possible while still boasting remarkable screen and battery life. I ‘d never pop the case on among these myself, however it’s absolutely enjoyable to take a peek inside thanks to somebody who’s brave enough to attempt it.