Like most people, I am all for things that make my life simply a tad bit easier, it’s one of the reasons I spend a lot time searching apps. There are plenty of productivity options to be discovered in the App Store, however lots of lack an essential characteristic that makes a productivity device so unbelievably handy– automation. Rather of by hand setting an action into motion, why not utilize a device that can do it for you?

IFTTT, an acronym for If This Then That, is a Web service that introduced in late 2010 that’s designed to automate tasks that you develop. The service has received substantial praise because its release, even being named among Time’s 50 best internet sites of 2012. Because it came out in the App Store last week, IFTTT seeks to turned into one of the very best iOS apps in 2013. However will it?

How IFTTT Works

When you begin going over automation services with some people, they instantly become panic stricken due to the degree of difficulty that’s sure to be conjoined with the service’s operational treatments. If you are one of these individuals, rest assured that IFTTT in incredibly easy to comprehend. IFTTT utilizes stations, which is a term made use of to explain among several third-party services including Facebook, Dropbox and Evernote, to produce automated tasks (described as “dishes”).

For circumstances, say that you change your Facebook profile picture and desire your Twitter profile image to match. Rather of visiting Twitter and manually changing your profile picture, you can create a dish that’ll do this task for you. If you are a Netflix customer that wants to know when new films and programs are offered for streaming, you can produce a dish that’ll send you an email notifying you when brand-new releases have actually been included.

Adding & Creating Recipes

If you are a beginner to IFTTT, you might find yourself a little perplexed in concerns to exactly what you ought to develop for your first dish. IFTTT currently showcases 69 networks, and continues to expand. With so many services at your disposal, there’s an unbelievably huge variety of recipe combinations that can be produced. Thankfully, numerous great recipes are conveniently available for you to search and add. To do so, tap the dish button in the upper-right while in the primary view then tap the glasses icon in the upper-left.

The Recipes sidebar is where you'll add and manage recipes.
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The Recipes sidebar is where you’ll include and handle dishes.

Separated into three tabs– Featured, Trending and All Time– each view displays a long list of recipes. When a recipe is tapped, you are transitioned to a Shared Dish view that presents an option to utilize the recipe. A flag and chevron button are likewise offered, enabling you to report the dish (not sure when this would be needed) and adjust innovative settings (e.g. file course to a Dropbox folder).

Icons make channels quickly discernible when browsing recipes.Icons make stations rapidly discernible when browsing dishes.

If you want to produce your own dish, go to the Recipe sidebar and tap the plus icon in the upper-right. This leads you to the unimposing Create a Dish view, which includes the trademark if/then statement. Started by tapping the first + button to choose your trigger (e.g. altering your Facebook profile photo). As you scroll with the list of channels, readily available causes are shown below. Once your trigger is chosen, you’ll need to tap the second + button and choose your activity (e.g. having your Twitter profile photo change to match Facebook).

Selecting a trigger and action is very simple in IFTTT.Selecting a trigger and action is very easy in IFTTT.

Design & Navigation

The convenience of developing recipes is a sign of IFTTT’s entire interface, which is quite intuitive. I especially like the general minimal design, which strips the app of any unnecessary sound that might be viewed as a limitation. The main view keeps a log of all caused recipes in a single day, and displays this details in a stunning vertical timeline. The setups view attributes a slightly blurred reverse look of the main view, which is rather neat. The Recipes view allows you to quickly trigger individual dishes on and off. Tapping a recipe presents choices to switch on a notification to notify you when it’s been caused, and you can also inspect (i.e. trigger), edit and erase dishes.

IFTTT's interface will fit in perfectly when iOS 7 is released. IFTTT’s user interface will fit in perfectly when iOS 7 is released.


The guarantee of IFTTT is great, however the app isn’t without its imperfections. When adding recipes, you’ll have to activate stations by logging into your accounts. IFTTT needs your iPhone to be running iOS 6 or later, but the app does not utilize the Twitter or facebook integration, requiring you to rather log in by hand. This concern is also present when triggering services like Dropbox and Pocket, which are capable of granting approvals via each service’s app. Since I believe in strong, independant passwords, I discovered myself making frequent check outs to 1Password to when triggering these networks, and ultimately discovered the job simpler to carry out by means of IFTTT’s website.

I also found myself having problems with logging into Google services. The problem developed when I logged into Feedly, for which I use an older Google account that’s my Google Reader information. When I went to trigger the Gmail and Google Calendar channels, I was immediately logged into the older Google account without technique of changing to my main account. I ultimately had to correct the problem through the IFTTT website, which allows for using several Google accounts.

Oddly enough, if you change the Facebook's channel settings the Facebook app is utilized.Oddly enough, if you change the Facebook’s channel settings the Facebook app is used.

The greatest downside of IFTTT, however, comes at the fault of iOS at not the developers. Considering that iOS limits background tasks, you often run into issues where actions are not triggered because IFTTT has not already been opened in some time. For example, I’ve a dish setup to conserve my iPhone screenshots to Dropbox. However, if IFTTT is not really running and I take a screenshot, that activity is not triggered till I keep in mind to open the app.

Since IFTTT exists mostly as a web service this background concern only puts on iOS particular causes and actions, which applies to Photos. app, Reminders. app and Contacts. app. So, when I alter my Facebook profile picture, IFTTT will change my Twitter profile image, even if the IFTTT app is not running. For such an exceptionally practical service, it’s an inconvenience I am even more than pleased to sustain.

The Bottom Line

IFTTT is the kind of service that exudes greatness, and will more than likely turneded into one of the very best iOS apps of 2013. I am presently using eight recipes, which vary in effectiveness, and I find myself anxiously browsing for more. While the background problem is a little bit annoying, as I sometimes discover myself babysitting the app, it needs to ideally be far less aggravating once iOS 7 is released with its less restrictive background processing.

One thing to keep in mind about IFTTT is that while the service does automate activities proficiently, it’s by no ways instant. I’ve a recipe in location that sends all my saved Feedly write-ups to Wallet, and it commonly takes more than a min for the process to run. So, if you discover yourself carrying out a recipe’s trigger and not seeing the finished activity, it’s likely that that procedure is in movement but will require a bit of time long before you see the finished outcome.

Before IFTTT’s release in the App Store, I was oblivious to the service’s presence. In just a few days, I am addicted by what the app and service has the ability to provide, true automation that comes from the iPhone. As IFTTT continues to be developed, I’ll be anxious to see that other iOS specific channels make their means to individuals. Until that time, I’ll wait contently and display IFTTT to family and friends, viewing their panic stricken faces quickly convert to smiles.