In depth: Fruits of the Apple tree: 20 tech marvels that came from former Apple bods

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10 tech marvels that originated from ex-Apple employees

Apple attracts the very best and the brightest, however the issue with the very best and brightest is that they’ll not necessarily remain with you forever.

Some hires could believe a little too differently to be comfy in Cupertino, others may decide to run the risk of everything on a moonshot as opposed to opt for business conformity.

Some left since Steve Jobs started acting all odd to them, and some due to the fact that Sam Sung is an awful name for somebody who works in an Apple Store *.

Here’s an option of gadgets, services and startups whose stories began when their Apple adventures ended.

1. All Android devices

Andy Rubin

Most people understand that Android developer Andy Rubin co-founded Threat, the smartphone company that Microsoft got in 2008. But not everyone understands that a years before he established Threat he was a manufacturing engineer with Apple. In 2011, Apple’s lawyers asserted that Rubin’s ‘motivation for the Android structure’ came from his time in Cupertino.

2. Blossom One Limited

Apple does not do inexpensive, and neither does the Blossom coffee company: its coffee device, developed for commercial rather than home use, is a significant $11,111. Head of state Jeremy Kuempel previously worked for Apple, Tesla and BMW, and the firm boasts not simply former Apple employees but NASA ones too. Possibly making a respectable coffee is rocket science after all.

3. Eightly


Eightly, ‘an entirely brand-new method to enjoy your social way of life’, is presently in stealth mode – however founder Andy Grignon isn’t, telling the Financial Times that he ‘got yelled at all the time’ by Steve Jobs. Grignon worked on the iPod, established iChat AV and OS X’s Dashboard and was part of the original iPhone team.

4. Flipboard

Evan Doll was a senior iPhone engineer at Apple, and he co-founded the social information app Flipboard in 2010. Flipboard permits you to find and curate your information that interests you from around the web and share it with your close friends.

5. Inkling

Matt MacInnis, a former Apple education executive, established Idea in 2009 to produce interactive electronic books. Notion’s platform, Habitat, is utilized by a few of the world’s greatest book publishers.

6. LinkedIn

Before producing business network LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman worked as a user experience designer at Apple. A serial entrepreneur, Hoffman established ahead-of-its-time social network Socialnet and was a founding director of PayPal too.

7. Luxo Jr

Pixar’s loveable lamp would not be a familiar sight in cinemas if it just were not for former Apple CEO Steve Jobs: throughout his time as an ex-Apple worker he turned Pixar from a hardware maker to an animation studio.

8. Lyve


Right now, Tim Bucher is preparing to launch a touchscreen gadget that establishments millions of images and videos – however back in 2005 he was taking legal action against Apple for wrongful termination. He joined Apple in 2003, became head of Macintosh Hardware Engineering and manage the development of the Mac Mini. His departure was weird, to state the least. Bucher says that Steve Jobs and Tim Cook wanted him to leave, but did not inform him why.

9. Meeteor

Ex-Apple tales do not constantly have happy endings: Meeteor, a professional social network produced by previous Apple job manager Chris Lee, was called ‘remarkably fantastic’ by Business Insider in 2012. It closed down in very early 2013.

10. Mass Impact, Titanfall and FIFA 14


In 1982 Journey Hawkins was Apple’s director of product marketing and sitting on a tidy pile of money thanks to Apple’s IPO. He gave up Apple and invested a reported $200,000 in establishing a brand-new company, Amazin’ Software. Amazin’ became the rather much better known Electronic Arts in late 1982.

10 more marvels from ex-Apple staffers

11. Moov

Moov is the so-called ‘Siri for sweat’ activity tracker. It declares to be the world’s most sophisticated fitness tracker, and you’ll never guess where its creator, previous Halo developer and Microsoft researcher Nikola Hu, made use of to work. Right here’s a clue. It rhymes with ‘grapple’.

12. Nest

Tony Fadell

Nest’s creator, Tony Fadell, is famed as ‘the papa of the iPod’. He’s not the only ex-Apple brain that signed up with the Googleplex when Google purchased out Nest this year. The firm uses an estimated 100-plus previous Apple engineers, item designers and executives.

13. Paper

At Apple, Mike Matas worked on the user interface for the iPhone and iPad. As design lead for the iOS app Paper he’s responsible for among the most beautiful iOS apps around.

14. Path

Path co-founder Dave Morin worked at Apple for just over 2 years, leaving the firm to join Facebook in 2006. He left Facebook in 2010 to co-found Path, a social networking website. ‘We wanted to develop the Apple of the net,’ he said in a 2013 interview.

15. Posterous

The blogging service Posterous originates from the brain of Sachin Agarwal, who dealt with Final Cut Pro for six years and left Apple just prior to the controversial Final Cut Pro X. The self-described ‘Apple fanboy’ quit his dream task because he felt a ‘burning need’ to make online sharing much better.

16. Square Card Reader

Square card reader

Square’s payment system was not created by a former Apple staffer, but the current variation of its card reader comes from a team goinged by former Apple engineer Jesse Dorogusker. Dorogusker worked on projects including the Lightning port and the fascinating iPod-compatible ‘clever bike’ throughout his eight years with the firm.

17. Stir

The Stir is no ordinary desk: it moves from sitting to standing, learns your work patterns and prompts you to get up and move. Creator JP Labrosse was among the very first 35 staff members of Apple’s iPod division and led the engineering groups for 2 iPod programs.

18. Storehouse

Mark Kawano’s app makes it simple to arrange photos, videos and words, and it’s a very good looking thing. You ‘d anticipate absolutely nothing less from the man who designed iPhoto and worked with designers to make attractive iOS apps.

19. Twitter


Not the service, but the app. The app (which was gotten by Twitter) was developed by previous Apple Graphic Engineer Loren Brichter. Brichter now makes Twitter’s main desktop and mobile apps.

20. Upthere

UpThere’s a ‘secret start-up’ from Bertrand Serlet, former Senior Vice President of Software and Engineering at Apple and the man largely responsible for OS X Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard. He left Apple in 2011 ‘to concentrate less on items and even more on science’ and established UpThere in 2012, which promises to be the future of the cloud. Which’s pretty much all we understand, as UpThere’s still in stealth mode.

* Sam Sung worked for Apple in Vancouver, much to the web’s enjoyment. He now works for a headhunting company.