In Depth: Highs and lows for Apple in 2013

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It’s been a fascinating couple of years for Apple. Its 2012 was mainly stayed in the shadow of Steve Jobs’ death, the firm treading water, launching products that Jobs had approved. But by the turn of the year things were getting fascinating. iOS chief Scott Forstall was fired, and as 2013 dawned Jonathan Ive was accountable not just for making Apple’s hardware, but for its software application too. It’s a big task. Was he up to it?

Apple’s highs in 2013

1. iPad Air

iPad Air

Apple does not such as to compromise, however with the last iPad it had to. There was no way to put a retina display into the iPad and keep battery life without adding significant bulk and weight. That plainly upset Jonathan Ive, and this year’s model is massively enhanced: the bezel is 43 % thinner and the device is 28 % lighter. The iPad Air is quite just the best iPad that Apple has ever made.

2. iPad mini 2 with Retina display

iPad mini 2

The mini is no more the poor relation of the appropriate iPad: it’s a little costly, however it’s also a little marvel. The iPad mini 2’s innards and efficiency are almost identical to the iPad Air, and it’s essentially an Air for individuals whose leading concern is portability.

3. iOS 7

It’s the best iOS ever, iOS 7 addresses lots of niggles and bringing the ageing iOS bang up to date. Apple’s execution was not perfect – more of that in a minute – however the pros massively surpass the cons.

4. Mac Pro

Mac Pro

‘Can not innovate any more, my ass.’ That was Phil Schiller revealing the long-awaited Mac Pro 2013, a little tower of power that appears like Darth Vader’s dustbin and costs roughly the same as a Fatality Star.

5. Maps

Maps could’ve been a laughing stock, however today more iOS users depend on it than on Google Maps – which was the entire point of launching it in the first place. One year on it’s greatly improved, although the damage to Maps’ credibility might take longer to fix.

6. Mavericks


Remember when running systems made use of to cost money? Mavericks is free, and while some elements are still ‘pig-ugly’, it boasts lots of improvements, and it’s cost-free. Did we discuss that it’s cost-free?

7. iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S doesn’t look cutting edge, however there are 2 key littles tech in it: the TouchID sensor and the M7 co-processor. The former replaces passwords and can well be part of an Apple digital wallet, while the latter is designed to record movement and task data for the incoming wave of wearable tech – tech such as, state, an iWatch.

Apple’s lows in 2013

1. iOS 7

iPhone 5S

The iOS 7 roll-out could’ve broken records, but it broke hearts too. Lots of people definitely disliked it, its activity effects made some people genuinely ill, and it’s attracted deserved criticism over a few of its design choices.

2. Apple TV

Still a hobby.

3. iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C

‘For the vibrant,’ Apple stated. ‘We are queuing for the 5S,’ stated the world. Various stats reveal that the 5C is selling approximately one-third as lots of handsets as its slightly more costly brother or sister. That doesn’t mean it’s a dud, but it’s not a barnstorming success either.

4. iTunes

It could be quicker, smarter and easier to use, but that’s compared with Captain Bloaty, aka iTunes 10. iTunes 11 may have been tweaked, but it’s still iTunes.

5. iCloud


iCloud can be fantastic, but is not really – and not just due to the fact that 5GB of storage is rubbish if you’ve even more than one Apple device. If you want to sync files, Dropbox is much better and even more extensively supported.

6. iWork


Apple is not really constantly fantastic at picking up from its errors. Bear in mind when it introduced Final Cut Pro X and upset everybody due to the fact that loads of essential features were missing out on? It did it once more this year with the most recent iWork programs, which are rather to some and rather worthless for power users. Some missing features will return, eventually.

7. Siri


We wish to like Siri, we truly do, but the (UK) game program host voice leaves us cold, Siri frequently enjoys to do things slowly and its noticeable inability to comprehend us majority of the time means that Siri’s probably found out a great deal of promise words now. Apple plans to bring Siri to our homes. Exactly how about getting it right on our phones first?

8. The Mac Pro’s price


9. iWatch


Another year on, and there’s still no indicator of the iWatch. Our favored tech conspiracy theory states the iWatch is not real. Apple’s leaked the concept so it can laugh as rivals rush to market with crappy smartwatches.

10. Dooooooooooooooooom

Apple’s massive success implies that there’s an equally huge amount of criticism surrounding it. Investors panic if its growth reveals signs of slowing, every rival’s product is called an iThing-killer, and anything Apple does is clear evidence that it’s doomed. 2013 was the most doomsaying year considering that the mid-90s, and we make certain 2014 will are worse.