In Depth: iPhone 5S: 10 things you need to know

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The iPhone 5S is among the most anticipated tech launches of the year therefore it’s no surprise that it went through months of report and speculation in the added to its official unveiling.

As notoriously tight lipped as Apple is about upcoming products, a great deal of details on the iPhone 5S still handled to slip with ahead of time and as it ends up a bunch of it was right.

But now with the iPhone 5S formally announced and the information verified, here are the 10 things that you truly should learn about it.

It’s in fact called the iPhone 5S:

In a step that surprises absolutely nobody, Apple has actually verified that the brand-new iPhone is called the iPhone 5S. That follows the conventional iPhone convention of following up a numbered model with an improved’S’ version.

It’s a little bit colourful:

While the shape and design is the same as the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S is available in a few brand-new colors. Particularly silver, ‘space gray’ (is space gray?) and a bling-tastic gold model.

It’s got an improved camera:

Somewhat surprisingly Apple has stubbornly stuck with 8MP for the camera in the iPhone 5S. That’s not to state it’s not been enhanced though. It’s a 15 percent bigger sensor area which permits bigger pixels and much better quality images.

It likewise consists of a brand-new flash called ‘Real Tone’ which intends to make color tones look more natural and prevent clashing color temperature levels. Plus it can shoot sluggish movement video at 120fps and can stitch together shots to develop 28MP panoramas.

It’s got a finger print scanner:

Rumours of a fingerprint scanner have actually been whiring around for a while and it turns out they were true. The iPhone 5S has a fingerprint reader developed into the home button, it’s called Touch ID and it provides you a new way to keep your mobile secure and/or constantly show off to all your buddies who’re stuck tapping out a pin to open their phones.

It can also be used to authenticate iTunes acquisitions and you can run it merely by placing your finger on the house button – you do not actually need to push it.

It’ll be out soon:

Apple tends to have brand-new products on the shelves quickly after revealing them and the iPhone 5S is no exception.

It’s been confirmed that the phone will be offered to purchase in the U.K. and UNITED STATE on September 20, so if you want to be amongst the first to obtain your hands on it you may want to begin queuing now.

It’s not cheap:

The iPhone 5S is visiting set you back at least ₤ 549 (US$ 649, AU$ 869 SIM-free) for 16GB of internal storage. Meanwhile the 32GB variation is ₤ 629 (US$ 749, AUD$ 999) and the 64GB variation is a pocketbook shredding ₤ 709 (US$ 849, AUD$ 1,129).

It’s got a shiny brand-new A7 processor:

A processor upgrade was always likely and it’s come in the type of the brand-new A7 chip. It’s a 64-bit chip, making it the first of its kind to ever grace a smartphone. It’s about the exact same size as the A6 chip regardless of consisting of around twice as lots of transistors, the upside of all this? Both its CPU and graphics are twice as fast.

It’s likewise got a brand-new ‘M 7’ movement co-processor which continuously determines and tracks movement information. Essentially it’s gunning for the fitness tracker market, allowing the iPhone 5S to (in combination with apps) take on the similarity the Nike FuelBand.

It’ll ship with iOS 7:

We have currently had a great look at iOS 7 but it’s going to make its appropriate launching on the iPhone 5S (and the iPhone 5C). In addition to adding brand-new features it provides the interface a full and much required visual overhaul, freshening up an os that was in risk of looking stale.

Its battery has actually been given a boost:

Battery life is the bane of a lot of smartphones and the iPhone 5 was no exception so it’s nice to see that the battery has actually been given a boost for the iPhone 5S.

While Apple has not verified how big the iPhone 5S battery is, they’ve actually revealed some statistics for it. It can handle up to 250 hours of standby time, 10 hours of talk time on 3G, 10 hours of internet, 10 hours of video or 40 hours of audio. Nearly all of that’s up from exactly what the iPhone 5 can handle.