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In a bid to relieve the personnel from among the most stressful and prolonged parts of an Indian employee’s day – the commute – fast-growing e-commerce marketplace Snapdeal has actually hired drivers to chauffeur hectic executives in between their homes and the office.

Silicon Valley firms such as Google and Facebook, and more recently Yahoo!, invest huge on their rewards (in some cases to unwanted) to draw in and maintain the best talent. While the practice has actually been meticulously embraced in India, with many big technology companies providing modest facilities such as complimentary food, health club and playing centers, some extravagances – such as Michelin-starred chefs – are simply can appear luxurious, especially when it can be a mission simply to get from A to B.

The advantages in India scratch a different kind of itch, according to Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl.

‘At the end of the day we are a retail business, a marketplace, we don’t have the margins of Google and Facebook to justify things like fine chefs, and complimentary iPhones and iPads as a joining perk. Below the most basic desires and needs need to be resolved MEANS before you get to the gourmet complimentary food,’ Bahl said.

Indian cities are normally hobbled by poorly planned and maintained roadways holding traffic streams that often appear to be working at cross functions. Executives, unlike the majority of rank-and-file workers who travel by motorcycle, bus or the metrorail, usually drive themselves to work, which guards them from the assaultive Indian quality traffic however not the driving tension of preventing constant crashes while sporadically breaking into the next gap.

Bahl stated that execs were sitting in difficult web traffic for two hours a day, relating to ten hours – or a complete working day – each week, so it made good sense to expense the 12,000 rupee (-$200) per owner for their 15 most senior executives. The advantages have actually been more than financial.

‘Everybody has actually told me their way of living changed the day that they got a driver. Their wives are happier due to the fact that they do not get home all stressed and discouraged. It’s not about simply working an extra two hours a day from the back seat, but you can call your friends and your parents who are not in Delhi,’ stated Bahl.

‘It considerably improves your quality of life. Alternatively, sitting in web traffic significantly drops your quality of life. Indian web traffic is very frustrating as it’s non-linear.’

The perk will be limited to the executive team at this stage, he said, as the majority of the company’s 500 staff members do not have a car and make use of public transportation to get to work. For a business that’s actually raised about $52 million in 3 separate tranches, it’s an affordable way to make a big difference in the lives of their staff members.