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For Americans, the long weekend looms, so it’s wonderful timing for the launch of Limbo, the indie gaming title from Danish developer Playdead, on Apple’s iOS mobile platform. The game is out now, and is a universal title enhanced for both iPhone and iPad that retails for $4.99. If you have not played Limbo, it’s a steal on your mobile device at that rate, as well as if you have, it’s most likely worth a second play with.

Limbo translates incredibly well to the iPhone and iPad, with controls that work terrific with touch and a basic, essentially HUD-less user interface that shines on smaller screens. The sombre atmospherics of the title, which adds significantly to its beauty, work well on both the iPad and the iPhone, especially if you plug in your headphones and play in a darkened room.

If you are brand-new to Limbo, it’s a platform game with puzzle elements that came out in 2010, initially as an Xbox Gallery exclusive. Ever since, it’s made its method to a variety of other platforms, including the PS3, Windows, OS X and Linux. It might’ve been 3 years considering that the initial release of the game, however the title still holds up incredibly well, both in terms of its one-of-a-kind art design, and concerning its easy yet difficult and interesting gameplay.

Graphics in Limbo are basic, with basically only shapes for characters, adversaries and backgrounds. But the 2D design is suggested to highlight the gameplay and tale, instead of dedicating a lot of time and resources to 3D graphics that mainly remove from those other 2 elements. Limbo has actually been lauded pretty much globally by critics, and while somewhat brief by modern game requirements, it makes sure to please players of all stripes.

In other words, go get it now. Everybody in the world ought to play Limbo eventually, and you might as well do it on an iPhone or iPad if you have not yet.