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The Infinity Cell is a kinetic charger for the iPhone that uses your body’s movement to create electricity. The present prototype for the Infinity Cell is an unrefined 3D printed rectangular shape, approximately the size of a pack of cigarettes, linked up to the iPhone with a cable. The plan is to create a more streamlined version throughout the product’s Kickstarter campaign.

When you shake the Infinity Cell for 30 minutes, that offers sufficient power to provide the iPhone a 20 percent cost. When you shake the Infinity Cell for three hours, that offers adequate power to completely charge the iPhone. Of course, no sane individual is going to sit around shaking his iPhone for 3 hours to grab a cost. The Infinity Cell ultimately aims to create power from the tiniest little motion.

The completed model will resemble a Mophie or MaxBoost battery case. You merely slip your iPhone into the case, put in your pocket, and the movement you create when you are walking, jogging, or biking will power your iPhone. They are likewise planning on launching an Infinity Cell iOS app that’ll track your energy saving, carbon countered, and gamify the experience by granting users badges as they reach different energy conserving rankings.

The creators of Infinity Cell are looking for to raise $155,000 on Kickstarter by June 6th. A $125 contribution will nab you an Infinity Cell of your very own, although it’s only compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S in the meantime.