Shovel Knight– a side-scrolling, retro-styled action game that efficiently made more than $300,000 on Kickstarter back in April– is on its means to Mac. As the titular knight, you’ll have to utilize your primary tool (a shovel, naturally) to defeat a group of villainous (and wildly differed) knights, led by the wicked Enchantress. The approximately six-person development team at Yacht Club Games is presently hard at work on the title, preparing it for a tentative vacation 2013 launch, however company “captain” Sean Velasco took some time from his busy schedule to inform us why we are gonna dig this whimsical, retro-inspired adventure.

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Mac|Life: For those unfamiliar with Shovel Knight, what should they learn about the game? What makes it unique?

Sean Velasco: Shovel Knight is an action-adventure-platform game provided in an enhanced 8-bit design. We like classic NES games that we played as kids, and wished to produce a new version of that sort of game for today. A game that’s centered around gameplay mechanics, a game that’s daring and epic and a bit amusing, with innovative stuff around every corner! We wish to take the lessons profited from 20 years of game design, and inject them into a game with an 8-bit heart– that’s Shovel Knight.

You ended up making more than 400 percent of your objective on Kickstarter. How does that feel, and what do you think it says about the drink?

Even though it’s been a while now, it’s still a pretty crazy shock. Yacht Club Games is now leasing office space, buying furnishings, and doing conditions to obtain the company established in a really correct means. We’ve actually gone from an inkling of an idea to a full-fledged business, and it’s all thanks to generous individuals. I think that fuzzy sensation will stick around for a very long time.

As far as Shovel Knight goes, I suppose it implies that people desire it! We were all thrilled for our own game, however we are always excited for our own jobs. For most of our games in the past, nobody has reached see them up until they were virtually done, with Shovel Knight, we have seen excitement firsthand really very early in advancement. Every one of this offers us some relief due to the fact that we are more positive that we will have excellence, but it also produces significant pressure. We already have a responsibility to almost 15,000 individuals to make a remarkable game, and we don’t take that promise lightly.

So … why a knight with a shovel?

The Shovel Blade was created by gameplay, and hammered upon the anvil of mechanics! We wanted to build a game around a down drive, and broaden upon that singular, pure gameplay mechanic. As we imagined exactly what else you might do, stab opponents, pierce through soft ground, dig, flip adversaries … it became apparent we were talking about a shovel. After that, we envisioned a noble knight paired with this lowly tool, and Shovel Knight was born.

Why did you go for a retro visual style?

We have wanted to do an 8-bit game for a while now, and it made sense as our first project with our new studio. It straightened for a couple reasons. 8-bit spriting is faster than doing a 16 bit or hand-drawn style, which means we can do all the animation in-house, guaranteeing quality and saving cash. This design likewise lets us iterate more quickly and make changes, permitting us to more refine the gameplay. However more than the practical reasons, we’re merely in love with this aesthetic, from the visual discussion to the songs, and even the screen changes. When I boot up Shovel Knight, I am a children sitting cross-legged on the carpet, staring up at my TV, which’s pretty cool.

How’s the game structured? Can you deal with levels in any order? Is there any advantage to doing so?

Shovel Knight takes a trip the world through an overworld map similar to Bionic Commando or Super Mario Bros. 3. As you play the game and beat phases, even more phases will open. You’ll generally have a couple of choices of which phase to deal with next. Each phase is capped with an impressive struggle versus among your arch adversaries, the Knights of the Order of No Quarter. Peppered everywhere’ll be mini-stages, random miniboss encounters, taking a trip merchants, and more. We are aiming to make the world feel even more organic and expanded than your typical stage-based game.

Tackling the stages in a different order can absolutely assist. As Shovel Knight collects subweapon relics, he holds onto them completely. So for instance, if you were having trouble in Propeller Knight’s aircraft phase, maybe you could get a relic elsewhere that’d let you more quickly cross those long spaces.

Can you explain about how Mega Man’s Manami Matsumae came on board as a composer? How’s the work being divided in between her and Jake Kaufman? Exactly what type of noise do you expect she’ll give the game?

Manami, who’s going to be contributing 2 songs, kind of fell out of the sky for us! During our Kickstarter, we were approached by the great individuals at Koopa. television, who were in the midst of dealing with Manami on a collaboration cd that included many significant chiptune composers. Mohammed Taher of Koopa. tv wished to help us out in a various means than simply contributing money to the Kickstarter, so he dropped us a line and offered to hook us up with the initial author and sound designer for Mega Guy, who may be interested in composing for Shovel Knight! We could not think it, but it held true! Needless to state, we jumped at the possibility, and now we are going to have a soundtrack featuring two of our favored game authors ever, with Manami and Jake even collaborating on a track together!

How do you think Scrooge McDuck feels about this game?

He may be jealous, however I think his gold pile is much bigger than ours at this point. Shovel Knight is a lot more inspired by Zelda II than DuckTales, although there’s a little pogo in there, for sure. Shovel Knight can’t bounce anywhere, only on adversaries and special surfaces, so the game plays extremely differently from DuckTales, which is a bouncy pogofest. It’s funny, since as we modified the ideal heights and bounce distances for our game, I think we naturally got to similar conclusions to Capcom. That can’t be a bad condition, since those Capcom Disney NES platformers were the very best!

Why hadn’t been Shovel Knight initially slated for Mac?

It merely boiled down to our resources. We are a tiny studio and we already signed up for COMPUTER, Wii U, and 3DS. When we opened our stretch goal, it suggested we’d enough cash to employ extra aid, or to keep the lights on for the added advancement time. That being said, we’ll always want to put our game on the Mac (and Linux, and all wonderful platforms) as long as we’re able.

Have you considered bringing it to iOS or other mobile devices?

Yes, we certainly have. We have been told conditions like, “You’ll print cash !!” however we don’t think that Shovel Knight can be truly ideal on iOS in its current type. It’s a D-pad and buttons game, and it makes liberal use of up and down instructions too. We have spent a good quantity of time iterating on iOS control schemes for other games, and from that we have learned that you need to construct custom iOS experiences. So if Shovel Knight pertains to iOS, we’d take our time and most likely retool a lot of things. Possibly in the future!

What’ll the difficulty be like? Your previous games are known for being quite crazy in the problem division, and I am not sure I want to hurl my USB controller throughout the space …

We absolutely want to avoid making Shovel Knight ‘Nintendo Hard.’ Thankfully, we’ve the Kickstarter community to provide us even more feedback than we’ve actually ever before had before. We want to make Shovel Knight somewhere around Mega Man 2 in difficulty, tougher than Mega Guy 2 on simple, but simpler than Mega Guy 2 on difficult. To alleviate our propensity for penalty, we’ve difficulty mode, which will feature optional bite-sized challenges that can brain-bending or masochistic– or both!

If individuals wish to follow the development of the game, how can they do that?

Please check out our Facebook, Twitch TELEVISION, and Twitter! We stream games all the time, and typically talk about Shovel Knight and game design, it’s an excellent time. All of our updates and news are broadcast through Twitter, and we likewise update our Facebook with art and other cool stuff. The trip is simply beginning, so had us as we make Shovel Knight … it’s gonna be remarkable!