Introducing iOS 7

June 13, 2013

Today, Apple unveiled their latest version of iOS (properly called iOS 7) at WWDC. It features a complete redesign that re-envisions exactly what’s possible with an iPhone and iPad while adding a lots of excellent brand-new attributes that make it even much better for Apple’s power users. Let us check out exactly what iOS 7 gives the table.

A Whole New Look

Everything has actually been redesigned from the top down, starting with the lock display. For the first time, pulling down from the top of the lock screen reveals a brand brand-new Alert Center. Pulling up from the bottom of the screen on the lock display (and anywhere else in iOS) raises Control Center, which puts crucial controls like Brightness setups, music playback, and even a Flashlight right at your fingertips at all times. There’s no word on how this is visiting view an iPad yet, however individuals have actually been pleading for this in iOS for many years.

Introducing iOS 7.

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Introducing iOS 7.

The look extends all over else too. Every icon has actually been reimagined. A great deal of journalists are going to be throwing around the word “flat” for this, but what Apple has actually actually done is rethought how everything needs to view a Retina device. They’ve actually lost a lot of the details that made it easier to visually understand iOS on smaller sized and less pixel-packed screens like the iPhone 3GS.

Check out the Control Center.

Check out the Control Center.

The entire OS responds to its environment. Controls are translucent and every little thing comes to life in your hands in methods that are not0 never seen prior to on an Apple device. From a design viewpoint, a great deal of this is riffing from some of Android’s best ideas. Skeuomorphism is gone. Wood shelves and green felt have been entirely gotten rid of from the OS. Within any stock app, you can move back one layer just by swiping from the left side of the display. But it’s not practically the surface level of visuals. Every app has been redesigned from the ground up, and not simply aesthetically, however likewise functionally.

Music, Videos, iCloud and iTunes Radio

Let us be sincere: A great deal of us began utilizing iPhones and iPads due to the fact that they included iTunes developed right into them. That was the selling attribute: a touch-screen phone with Internet gain access to that likewise played your iTunes library with a lovely user interface. That exact same beautiful interface has actually now gone through a huge surgical treatment. The songs app looks a lot more like the Rdio app. By the means, Rdio is a lovely app that truly outshines anything Apple’s finished with the Music app just recently, so that’s a benefit.

Selecting music is beautiful.

Selecting music is beautiful.

Apple has likewise more closely integrated iTunes in the Cloud and your iTunes investments. They are all noticeable directly from within the Music app. You know what’s been downloaded and what’s not on your iPhone or iPad yet, but you can still search your entire collection with ease (once again, significantly like Rdio). In truth, the Videos app is now the exact same way. Anything sitting in your iTunes account is readily available right on your iPhone or iPad. (All of a sudden, all those Digital Copies I have been downloading that came in my Blu-ray combination packs are really useful.)

The Music app has been redesigned and has the newly-announced iTunes Radio built in.

The Songs app has actually been revamped and has the newly-announced iTunes Radio constructed in.

Apple likewise revealed iTunes Radio today, a Pandora-like streaming service that lets you create radio stations based off songs or artists that you wish to hear. You can skip certain tracks and inform iTunes Radio not to play particular tunes in the future, or even add music to your iTunes Wish List, all in a beautiful interface. iTunes Radio is developed into the Songs app, but for now, it’s US-exclusive.

Your Camera’s Function, Re-envisioned

A lot of us likewise use our iOS devices for photos. I discover I take a ton of pictures on my iPhone when I am out and about, and see them on my iPad when I return. I likewise find that a my Camera Roll gets quite littered pretty quick, and I’ve to count on third-party apps for filters and easy image sharing to various social networks.

Today, all that changes. With iOS 7, the Camera app is redesigned to enable easier means to pick in between shooting videos, taking pictures (including a square photo predetermined), or taking a panoramic shot. The app includes live filter sneak peeks as well, similar to Analog Camera but a touch advanced as a result.

Your Camera Roll has gone through a lot of changes. Pictured above are photo Collections spread out over several years.

Your Camera Roll has actually experienced a lot of modifications. Pictured above are photo Collections expanded over several years.

Your Camera Roll has gone through a significant re-imagining as well. Apple is now arranging your shots into Minutes and Collections, all without individual input. If you go for a vacation, since the iPhone and iPad know where you’re and how long you were there, they immediately create sets of photos based on that. These are Moments. So your holiday has an automatic picture album. Collections operate likewise, but on a bigger scale, so are not1 looking at sets from several vacations in a specific year. If you look at 2011 in pictures, now you’ll be able to see the various places you took pictures that year. Geotagging is essential below.

Your Collections are broken down into smaller moments.

Your Collections are broken down into smaller sized moments.

Visually, the Camera and Photos apps are also getting significant overhauls that put more focus on the photos and less emphasis on the app itself. The design here truly gets out of the way, and it’s my overall well-loved visual renovation to iOS.

Browse the Web in Style

Safari likewise gets a significant visual overhaul today, beginning with a full-screen mode and a Chrome-like tabs include that organizes your now-unlimited tabs into a card-like metaphor. You can scroll with your tabs to find your iCloud Tabs on various other devices, Bookmarks, and Read Later listing. Every little thing is very smooth, and you can swipe tabs away with a swipe.

Safari now has a visual cards-like feature for tabs.

Safari now has a visual cards-like function for tabs.

Safari likewise brings iCloud Keychain into the mix. Essentially, this is a replacement for 1Password across all your devices. Punch in a password on your iPhone and your iPad knows it. Your Mac becomes aware of all your password info as well. The exact same condition applies to charge card (however you do have to remember your safety code, because otherwise, how’s it secure?).

Safari on iOS now has the same Smart Search Bar that it’s on the Mac, and supports a Shared Links section as well with Twitter and LinkedIn integration. You a likewise reorder your tabs simply by tapping on them and holding. This is among the most significant visual overhauls in the OS and it loks nearly completely different from before. Some individuals are visiting have a hard time adjusting.

The Other Redesigns

Literally every various other app has actually been redesigned from the ground up. Phone, Mail, Messages– they all look completely different. And a lot of them provide new functionality. Facetime now enables voice-only calls, which leads me to question if the days of costly mobile phone plans for calling are pertaining to an end. (Think of how helpful that attribute is visiting be for worldwide calling.)

Every single thing, redesigned from the ground up. Calling this an overhaul is an understatement.

Every single condition, revamped from the ground up. Calling this an overhaul is an understatement.

Making it simpler to communicate has actually been a big concern for Apple this time around, however maybe the very best feature they annoucned in this regard is making it easier to keep people from reaching you. You can now shut out specific individuals from telephoning, messaging and Facetiming you with ease.

Even folders have a huge new redesign, and can now store unlimited apps.

Even folders have a big new redesign, and can now keep unlimited apps.

Calendar likewise has a significant upgrade that kills off all the leather and, as they put it in the keynote, saves the lives of numerous digital cows. It’s as flat as can be from a design perspective. On the Mac, Calendar now integrates with upcoming weather condition and area information for events. No word on whether or not that feature is making it to iOS.

Your Collections are broken down into smaller moments.

Messages have gotten a huge overhaul.

Of course, Reminders, Notes and Game Center are not being overlooked. Even Passbook has actually seen a visual overhaul. New attributes for these apps were not revealed, but they all drop much of the visual metaphors we’ve actually become familiar with and look favorably futuristic.

Useful Features for Everybody

Finally, to round this up, there are some terrific attributes throughout all gadgets that are going to make everyone’s lives a lot easier. Notification Sync is possibly the biggest one: Respond to a notice on your iPad and it disappears from your iPhone. You can also get notifications from iOS delivered straight to your Mac, so even if your gadget is not in your pocket or on your workdesk, you understand what’s occurring.

The App Shop now has updates apps instantly so you don’t have to fret about it every day. Maps have a Near Me function so you can discover popular things more immediately. Siri has a new voice (and the choice to pay attention to a guy’s voice too!) and a redesign. It incorporates with Wikipedia and instant Bing search results now too (once again getting Apple further away from Google’s reach). Not just that, but Siri likewise incorporates with Twitter, so you can ask “Exactly what’s Johnny Appleseed saying?” and find out what’s going on with his Twitter feed without unlocking your iPad.

Multitasking is now more like real multitasking than it ever before was, and includes a dramatically new cards-like function that’s very like a few of the leaked concepts we’ve actually been seeing in the past few months. You can swipe apps approximately require close them, and apps are in fact working in realtime in the background.

Check It Out

I can go on for life about this. My notes at one point state the following in chicken scratch italics: Literally EverYthinG iS New (you do not wish to see my handwriting in reality, it misbehaves). I have tried to assemble the most crucial attributes, but if you actually wish to get a great look at all the visual overhauls, you can going to Apple’s iOS 7 tour on their internet site and get an excellent appearance at it yourself. It will be worth it. If you require a rundown point-by-point of all the brand-new functions, our associates at iPhone. AppStorm have you covered. iOS 7 is coming this be up to the public and is offered for iPhone designers today.

Please note that all our pictures from the live stream have come straight from Wired under the Creative Commons license.