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A week after the intro of Apple’s brand-new iOS 7 mobile os, users of iOS 6 throughout the internet are sharing discontent due to automatic downloads of the new software update, reports CNET.

Specifically, users who still have iOS 6 set up are experiencing self-starting over-the-air (OTA) downloads for iOS 7 to their gadgets when connected to AC power, balancing around 1 GB per download and occupying 3.1 GB of storage. While the upgrade doesn’t instantly install itself and requires individual authorization, the download doesn’t show up in the storage submenu within settings.

The issue is specifically bothersome for users with little space on their existing devices, as filled space can trigger various problems with file management and device effectiveness.

CNET verified the habits on both an iPhone 4 as well as a fourth-generation iPad, both of which were running the current version of iOS 6 before 7 showed up. For the iPad, the download began within minutes of turning on the device and plugging it into A/C power. When finished on both gadgets, it accounted for a little more than 3GB of area that was previously offered on the device, and didn’t show up in the storage management settings submenu.

Last year, individuals reported comparable behavior with the iOS 6 OTA upgrade happening for those on iOS 5. Earlier this week, Apple claimed that even more than 200 million iOS devices are running iOS 7, making it the fastest software application upgrade in history.