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“Apple made this?’ That’s the very first thing I asked myself when iOS 7 was unveiled to the world at WWDC on Monday. It’s so different from anything Apple has ever done design smart that it’s tough to wrap your head around as a long time fan of the company.

If you are still in shock at the randomness and general weirdness of iOS 7 like I am, this bit of information assists clear things up: Apple’s own designers were not in charge of producing the OS’s icons. A new report exposes the disjointed procedure that Jony Ive led behind the scenes to produce iOS 7 at Apple.

The Next Internet has actually spoken to sources who’ve actually disclosed that Jony Ive put Apple’s advertising and communications division in charge of developing the icons for iOS 7. ‘From what we’ve actually heard, SVP of Design Jony Ive (also now Apple’s head of Human Interaction) brought the print and web marketing design group in to set the look and color combination of the stock app icons,’ according to the report. ‘They then handed those off to the app design groups who did their own deal with the ‘interiors’, with those schemes as a guide.’

Ive wanted “new blood”

So that indicates Apple’s own designers– incredibly skilled individuals who’re totally efficient in developing lovely icons and a consistent user experience– did not develop the basic aesthetic of what you see in iOS 7. Ive wanted ‘new blood’ and fresh eyes to offer iOS 7 an extreme redesign.

The report goes on to explain exactly how the teams working on various parts of iOS 7 within Apple did not work together much during the design procedure. That describes why there’s little visual consistency between apps.

The good information is that iOS 7 will most likely alter a fair bit before it ships to the public this fall. ‘The work on design and development is still going full tilt, and exactly what was presented today is firmly a ‘work in progression’,’ reports The Next Web. Some big design changes will likely be pressed to developers as Apple releases new iOS 7 betas in the coming months.

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