iOS 7 Activation Lock means fewer thieves can be bothered to steal your iPhone

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The intro of the Activation Lock function in Apple’s iOS 7 software application has drastically decreased the variety of iPhone burglaries in the last couple of months, authorities on both sides of the Atlantic have actually claimed.

The enhanced Find My iPhone tool, included in 2012, works as a virtual kill switch as it avoids unauthorised users from removing and reactivating the device without the owner’s Apple ID and password.

As a result, the gadget ends up being all-but-useless to thieves, who’re taking iPhones in much fewer numbers compared to six months ago.

The New york city Times brings word from London cops that iPhone thefts are down 24 per cent, while they have dropped 38 per cent in Apple’s San Francisco homeland.


New York Chief law officer Eric T. Schneiderman stated the supposed kill switch indicated all thieves were getting for their criminal ventures was a very elaborate, unsellable ‘paperweight.’

The Activation Lock function is automatically allowed when users opt to set-up the Discover My iPhone GPS tracking device, when setting up brand-new iOS gadgets for the first time.

As well as preventing third parties from wiping and reactivating the gadget, Activation Lock likewise prevents Find My iPhone from being switched off and stops anybody signing from iCloud on your gadget.

Lawmakers in Minnesota and California have actually just recently passed costs needing all smartphones to have anti-theft technology, while a nationwide smartphone kill switch bill was tabled in February. In 2013 London Mayor Boris Johnson likewise prompted smartphone makers and software designers to do more to safeguard customers from burglary.