iOS 7 has discovered a new method to cause headaches, this time impacting institution administrators across the nation. Several institutions have reported that their students’ iPads have been stripped of their security filters after installing the new operating system.

iPad iOS 7 Bug

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AllThingsD published a memo which was sent out to the moms and dads of students in Manitou Springs (Colo.) College Area 14.

“Apple didn’t realize that installing iOS 7 would eliminate our (and countless organizations throughout the country) security security measure, which now makes the iPad gadgets unfiltered when accessing the Internet far from school. In the short-term, the area will be collecting iPad gadgets at the end of each day until the safety security measure is reinstalled.”

Manitou was forced to clean and re-install iOS 7 on hundreds of iPads, while various other schools shut out OTA updates and stayed at iOS 6.1.3.

“When we first caught wind of the pest, I modified our DNS to stop iPads from checking for software updates,” an anonymous college administrator told AllThingsD. “That helped us to keep a great deal of our iPads running iOS 6.1.3. We prepare to keep those setups until Apple takes care of the problem.”

An Apple spokesperson told AllThingsD that they were aware of the trouble and ‘will have a fix this month.”