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Apple’s iOS 7 is growing quickly with even more tablets and iPhones running the beta software than were running iOS 6 at the exact same time last year, according to new data released by mobile web enhancing business Onswipe. The start-up discovered that by July 1, 2013, 0.28 percent of all iPad visits to its mobile-optimized sites were from gadgets running iOS 7, and as of June 17, 0.77 percent of all iPhones making Onswipe visits were also on the new beta OS.

Compared to iOS 6, those numbers, while small, have enhanced substantially. 0.19 percent of all iPad visits were on last year’s beta software application since June 25, and only 0.38 percent, or under half of iPhones ran the pre-release mobile OS. Entirely, iOS 7 accounts for 0.46 percent of overall traffic to Onswipe websites as of this writing, while iOS 6 was accountable for simply 0.25 percent of all check outs at the exact same time last year.

The takeaways from Onswipe, according to CEO Jason Baptiste, are that developers are around two times as thrilled about iOS 7 as they were about iOS 6, and that they are spending more time getting ready for the big modifications can be found in the new variation of Apple’s mobile OS in order to have everything good and uncluttered for the consumer launch coming this fall.

There are various other possibilities in with regards to exactly what’s at play, obviously. Developer interest in the iOS platform does undoubtedly appear to be at an all-time high, as indicated by the record sellout of Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference this year. However it’s likewise possible that increasingly more daily users are dipping their toes into the beta pool, even if it’s particularly recommended against by Apple (and by me: pre-release software application is pre-release for a reason). There’s an excellent bait to being on the cutting edge of something new, especially when all that’s needed to take part is to register for a $99 each year Apple developer account.

Whatever the cause, this is also one of the most blogged about launches in iOS history. And it’s a considerable change from any previous variation, so that’s most likely at play, too, in with regards to the variety of devices being used to test it. All of which amounts to it not being unexpected that iOS 7 is seeing strong use even prior to its arrival, we will see if that translates to consumer uptake with the official launch come fall.