Some individuals on Apple’s Support Areas discussion forum are sharing discontent with the parallax and zooming animations in iOS 7, asserting that they’ve actually experienced spells of motion sickness, reports The Verge. The certain thread, which periods over eight pages, has users talking about signs that associate to vertigo, intense nausea, and lightheadedness and which are occurring with lengthened use of iOS 7 including actions such as returning to the house display from an app and utilizing the multitasking menu.

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Instead, most are pointing to the zooming results that are now common across iOS when opening and closing apps or entering the multitasking menu. ‘I’d extreme vertigo the minute I started utilizing my iPad with iOS 7,’ writes Apple forum individual glassrabit. ‘Lost the rest of the day to it.’ Another individual, nybe, composes, ‘I needed to go house ‘unwell’ from work since of the extreme nausea due to utilizing my iPhone with iOS 7.’

Apple has actually consisted of a “Reduce Movement” option within iOS 7’s Ease of access menu, but that choice only appears to turn off the parallax result on the homescreen. Users in the thread have actually likewise called the business’s support line, however were informed by Apple that there’s no chance to entirely switch off the effects. After its release recently, Apple revealed earlier today that iOS 7 is apparently operating on 200 million iOS devices, which makes it the fastest software application upgrade in history.