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There’s actually currently been a lot blogged about iOS 7, rightfully so, it’s a substantial departure for Apple and iOS in numerous means. There’s a lot that’s altered and I am thrilled to really get a chance to enjoy with it more. I like the styling, the design facets, and the updates to numerous attributes such as Notice Center, Command Center, and Sharing Sheets. Nevertheless, there are still some conditions lots of users had actually hoped Apple would give the updated OS, however didn’t. It virtually seems like whining for complainings sake, it’s not, I am not … I am simply one who constantly believes there’s room for renovation. So below are three things I was hoping to get and didn’t, and will still hope for in the future.

Example of Interactive Notifications in OS X

The biggest condition missing to me is ‘Actionable Notifications’, or exactly what they likewise offered Mac OS X in ‘Interactive Notices’. A notice comes in, and instead of being swooped to the Messages app (for example), a reply can be gotten in and sent out without ever before going anywhere. On the Mac side of conditions they’ve actually included this capability to things like Messages and Mail and others, however iOS appears to be neglected of this update and I was really hoping to see it. The truth that it’s on the Mac tells me it’s something they’re working on, as numerous conditions begin on one platform and transfer to the other, below’s to hoping it makes its method earlier rather than later on.

The second thing on my little wish listing of missing items was ‘Voice Messages’. Sure, we all saw that FaceTime audio calls are coming, which is excellent, however I was intending to see something built into iMessage that allowed fast voice messages along the lines of Voxer or even the new Facebook Messenger. It’s not a glaring hole, however one I was really hoping would be filled with iOS 7.

Then there’s that Weather icon. It’s still simply an inactive condition, constantly the same. Now, taken by itself I do not discover this odd, nonetheless, when combineded with an upgrading Calendar icon that alters the date and a Clock icon that stays up to date with the time, it seems odd that something like the Weather condition icon wouldn’t upgrade to show your ‘home’ weather condition details for fast glanceable info. Upgrading icons is something lots of were wishing to have iOS 7 bring, as widgets are just not Apple’s condition. There are now 2 app icons that do this, maybe more on the way, starting with Weather condition. I ‘d welcome this change … it’s simply enough fast information to obtain me exactly what I require, but without needing to have a Windows Phone Tile like setup or Android Widget.

That’s truly it for me. That’s not a ton to be dissatisfied about, which’s why I am not. I love exactly what iOS 7 brings, and being a developer sneak peek maybe 1 or 2 of them wind up being added when the next iPhone launches this fall … Apple usually keeps a few attributes out of the iOS announcement for this launch. There are numerous other features ‘pro’ users were expecting, like a Files. app. I can understand this desire, and would also welcome it … nevertheless I am not actually concerned with this at today time.

On a relevant side note, one thing that I found generally a little odd and missing out on was the unification of their apps. It’s clear that leading up to this occasion Apple had actually taken the strategy of making their app icons look the same throughout devices. For instance, Notes looked the same on Mac, iOS, and … exact same with Reminders and others. Nevertheless, with the brand-new stylings of iOS, these icons are all vastly different. Most of us will have no problem knowing exactly what icon represents exactly what, however, I need to think that they’ll eventually return to this and streamline these as well. I cannot imagine Jony Ive content with the design language being various throughout numerous devices. Perhaps it was simply … one transformation at a time.