Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) will soon be upon us, and some expect Apple to announce a brand-new iPad, new iPhone, or both. However while we’ll not see an announcement on a brand-new iPad or iPhone – those will likely happen in September and/or October – we ought to see lots of changes pertaining to the iOS 7, the most up to date version of its popular mobile operating system. Take a look at brand-new attributes and changes we ‘d like to see in iOS 7 for our iPads.

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Support for Multiple Users

The iPad has rapidly ended up being a great family device, but it’s made to be utilized by a single individual. Adding support for several individuals, which could load one-of-a-kind profiles for each individual in the home – including child-friendly attributes when the more youthful members of the family make use of the gadget – would go a long way towards enhancing the shared iPad experience.

A Return of YouTube

Apple’s ludicrous spat with Google is only harming its users. The lack of an inbuilt YouTube application in iOS is downright ludicrous. Apple should bring back YouTube to the operating system and make it easy to access videos. Not to do so makes Apple appearance petty and would be a substantial error.

Enhanced Security Features

All of the information surrounding the security community recommends that more malware than ever is being created to target mobile gadgets. So, it would be nice to see Apple boost iOS 7′s security functions to keep individuals safer from malware risks. The even more protection the operating system delivers the much better.

Ability to Conceal Pre-Installed Apps

This goes together with # 5, however would likewise be an excellent attribute by itself. One thing Apple forces on us are all those default apps that show up when we first power on the iPad or iPhone. And there’s no chance to obtain rid of them. Normally, this is not too much of a problem – you can constantly throw them in a folder and disregard them – however if you’re trying to childproof your iPad, it would be convenient if you can remove apps like the Camera totally. Any moms and dad that’d to clean up 76 images of their 2-year-old little girl’s left foot can feel my discomfort right here.

Data sharing between apps

There’s an advantage to building a brick wall between applications: it goes a long ways toward stamping out viruses. However if iOS is going to take the next step and compete with the big boys, we require even more communication between apps. Which suggests sharing documents so that apps can work much better together. I like the concept of authorizing one app to share data with another app, the same as how apps ask if they can access your camera roll. However the brick wall has to boil down.

Preview on iOS

When Sneak peek support for Documents in the Cloud was revealed as component of Mountain Cougar, I’d have wagered money on Sneak peek making its means to iOS. Advantage I didn’t, or I’d be out a fiver or even more. So, right here’s hoping Sneak peek appears in iOS 7 so I can sync my PDFs. While I do make use of programs like PDFPen, for easy PDF reviewing it appears overkill. PDFPen’s strengths are the ability to edit and e-sign documents, which could be even more than a lot of individuals require. Most of us probably simply require an easy method to sync important PDFs. In my case, really few of the PDFs I wish to sync are ones I wish to modify, I generally desire them for reference.

File Manager for iOS

We need a better way to manage the files on our iOS device. We basically need something like the Camera roll for files, so that we can access files that we’ve received via e-mail or files that we’ve actually downloaded (it isn’t available yet, but we will talk about it in a bit). The files need to also be synced or readily available across our iOS gadgets through iCloud, so we can access them from all our gadgets. It could be a specialized app or it can be something like Finder in OS X.

Well, that’s exactly what we are trying to find in iOS 7 to be desired for the iPad. What about you? Exactly what’d you like to see in iOS 7.