iOS 8 split screen is apparently coming, but not in time for WWDC

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The reported split screen multi-tasking mode for iPad will certainly not be featured throughout Apple’s anticipated iOS 8 reveal at WWDC, according to a New York Times reporter.

Respected tech reporter Brian X. Chen claims Apple is indeed working on the heavily-requested, Microsoft Surface-aping feature, but it’s not ready for the bright lights of the annual designers conference.

Chen tweeted: ‘I’ve actually been mentioned to that the split-screen function for iOS 8 is not prepared yet and will not be shown at WWDC. Still a work in development.’

The lack of a side-by-side multi-tasking feature, as populised by Microsoft’s Windows 8 ‘Snap’ feature, has actually been recognized by some as a weak point, avoiding the iPad ending up being a real ‘post-PC’ device.

Microsoft, certainly, has buffooned Apple mercilessly in its advertising materials for failing to provide such a feature.


Apple is obviously preparing to correct that with iOS 8 by allowing users to run two apps at the very same time, while the iPad is in landscape mode.

It’s thought the function may make it much easier for users to share links and material between 2 apps, as opposed to the present awkwardness of having to entirely exit one app before entering the other.

Reports have actually speculated the feature might only be available to iPad Air users at launch, a device which has both the power and screen resolution required to manage the task.