iOS 8 split-screen multi-tasking exists, it's just hiding in the code right now

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Prior to the introduction at WWDC a week ago, a lot of iOS 8 reports had actually centred on the prospect of a split-screen multi-taking mode, which iPad owners can utilize to delight in 2 apps simultaneously.

Although reports on the eve of the event asserted it was not prepared for prime-time show yet, there was still a sense of frustration when the side-by-side feature failed to materialise throughout the keynote.

However, fresh hope has emerged for those wanting to delight in the Microsoft Surface-like functionality, as a designer has revealed the function’s presence within the iOS 8 beta code.

Steve Troughton-Smith said the code exposes the capability to run the second app in quarter, half or three-quarters of the screen real estate.

He tweeted: ‘So … just in case there was any doubt left … iOS 8’s SpringBoard has code to run two apps side-by-side. 1/4 size, 1/2 size, or 3/4 size.’

Will it make the cut?

The discovery raises the possibility that the split-screen multi-tasking feature will belong of the final public release of iOS 8, which is expected to take place in September or October this year.

At the very least Toughton-Smith’s discover proves that Apple has actually undoubtedly been dealing with the function, even if it does not make it into the next-generation operating system.

Will it make the cut? iPad owners fed up with the have to regularly duck in and out of apps will definitely wish so, while Microsoft will wish it’ll not lose one of its clear competitive benefits it holds over iOS.