With iOS 8 bringing support for system wide third-party keyboards for the first time, web developers have actually been developing creative ways to introduce brand-new capability to the key-board, beyond just making it quicker to type.
Translator Keyboard is a new third-party key-board developed to allow users to rapidly translate their text from one language to another, without the need for a different translation app.

Translator Key-board has the ability to offer a much simpler experience than the copy-paste operations that numerous translation apps have actually had to settle for in the past. Along with making translation quicker and more practical, Translator Key-board is the perfect tool for bite-size translation, such as iMessaging colleagues abroad, taking part in online chat or conversations in another language, or skypeing with those from another country.

To use Translator Keyboard, users simply need to select the language they prepare to type in and a 2nd language to translate to. A small bar above the key-board display screens exactly what’s being typed as it as gotten in, and when a sentence is total, hitting the return button will send it to be translated.
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Translation from one language to another takes just a couple of seconds and the translated text is placed straight into the text field. In Messages, as an example, a user could type a sentence like ‘Hey there, how are you?’ in English, translate it to Spanish making use of the key-board, and the person getting the message would see just ‘Hola, ¿ cómo estás?’

The app enables users to mean 44 various languages and equate from 30 different languages, and switching between languages is finished with an easy swipe on the keyboard.
Translator Keyboard is developed using the Microsoft Translate API, and for that reason, it requires users to allow ‘Enable Full Access’ due to the fact that typed text is sent for online translation. A personal privacy area within the app specifies that all text sent for translation will certainly be kept private and will certainly not be saved or shared.

The app has integrated autocorrection that enables users to tap on a word that has been miscorrected to pull up a list of other possible word suggestions, which can be useful when attempting to type a word that needs a special character. More typically, though, autocorrect makes it difficult to key in a language that is not English as every other word needs to be fixed, slowing typing substantially. Disabling autocorrect is not presently possible, however according to the designer, the alternative will be added in a future update.
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Along with autocorrect problems, there are a couple of small problems with the key-board, such as its inability to allow users to backspace or erase content in the primary text field (deleting something that’s been gone into needs switching to another key-board), but it supplies a helpful method to perform a conversation in two various languages through an app like Messages or make fast translations in an app like Notes.
Translator Keyboard can be downloaded from the App Shop for $1.99.