Apple proceeded to be the leader in mobile ad income by a considerable margin in 2014, based on the current understandings from Opera Mediaworks (via TechCrunch). According to the guide, iOS caught 51.67 % of advertisement profits and also 27.18 % of website traffic during the fourth quarter to shut out the year as the leader in dollars gained. Android tracked in second in income with a 41.20 % share in spite of producing an enduring high in ad perceptions and also commanding 62.69 % of website traffic among mobile operating systems.
iOS Android Ad Revenue 2014, apple iphone

Android might have expanded and taken the lead in website traffic, yet iOS maintained its solid lead for earnings generation and also monetization. Apple’s steadfast hold on profits generation is driven to a large extent by its positive market position in western markets, such as the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. In these markets, rich media and also video clip advertising are more usual as well as the high quantity of mobile application use (versus mobile surfing) drives a robust customer purchase market.

The mobile advertising market, similar to the general mobile phone sector, is greatly a two-horse race between iOS as well as Android. BlackBerry, Symbian and also Windows each accounted for around 1 % or less in web traffic as well as income throughout the fourth quarter, while all various other smaller mobile systems organized with each other held a 5.55 % share of web traffic as well as 5.89 % share of income. Social networking, games, and music, video clip and media blaze a trail in traffic quantity and earnings generation.