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Lust Checklist: Xtra Drive by Naztech

We have actually all been using flash drives on our Macs for ages, ever before considering that Apple dropped the drive from its computer system lineup.

iPhones as well as iPads don’t have a USB port, so it’s awkward the exact same exterior thumb drives on the go.

The new Xtra Drive from Naztech is the most effective of both globes, providing a solitary microSD card-based remedy that has both a USB and a Lightning adapter that will let me support and move reports from my iOS tool to any kind of computer.

The reality that I can put any type of microSD card right into the Xtra Drive, up to 128GB, is rather incredible. My iPhone rarely runs out of space at 64GB, yet I know lots of individuals that attempt to handle 16GB iOS devices: they’re always relocating photos, apps, songs and video to the cloud as well as back in some form of rotating-file heck. With a 128GB card in the Xtra Drive, they ‘d have enough storage space for 36,000 songs, 56 hours of video clip or 64,000 images. That’s a lot!

Better yet, I’ll never run out of storage, I can just go acquire an additional microSD card and drop it in. Heck, this iOS flash drive also has a 16GB SD card, so I can use the Xtra Drive right out of the box.

The coolest function of the Xtra Drive, beyond the utter ease of storage space, is the method I could simply pull reports from my iOS tool (making use of the free to download application) and also after that glide the physical switch on the flash drive. This pops out the USB adapter and also I’m right away able to move it into a USB port on my Mac, grabbing apply for my computer quickly as well as easy (it makes use of USB 3.0 for rate). It’s way better than linking a Lightning wire, introducing iTunes, and also after that figuring out which application to sync my documents or images with.

The app that allows the Xtra Drive to deal with iOS is relatively intuitive, with a simple Get in touches with backup part, the capacity to utilize my apple iphone’s free area like extra storage space, and a straightforward Picture data backup system that just functions. There’s even a method to develop message reports on the Xtra Drive, which are super-easy to transfer to the Mac when I desire to.

Why you need an iOS flash drive

With smaller-capacity apples iphone and iPads, a tool like this iOS flash drive is visiting be essential for back-up or external storage space. Having the ability to move images and also video clips from my iPhone to my Mac quickly is a welcome addition.

I have actually got the Naztech Xtra Drive ensconced in my knapsack pocket at all times now, as well as use it to relocate PDFs, videos and pictures from my Mac to my apple iphone with out any trouble. With this iOS-friendly, dual-purpose device always prepared, I never ever have to worry concerning starting my information from iOS to OS X or back again.

Price: $89.99

Buy from: Amazon, Naztech