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Add fun to your photos


If you’re an iOS-using photographer, there’s a better chance you’re frequently on the lookout for unique aesthetic ‘looks’ that will set your photos besides everyone else’s. In the post-Photoshop-plugin period, low-cost iOS photo-filter apps are the hot tickets for instantaneously transforming images to glossy pop art, with very little initiative and also maximum innovative versatility. Here are several of our preferred flavors of sweet aesthetic candy. (And for some even more conventional photo-editing apps, visit this site.)


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Trimaginator ($3.99/ ₤ 2.29/ AU$ 3.79) takes any type of photo and also converts it into a job of modern abstract fine art, with a vast array of pre-specified designs that will amaze and thrill even the most seasoned developer. The outcomes resemble absolutely nothing we’ve ever before seen elsewhere, not even Photoshop. An in-app acquisition includes the option to save cause a vector-based format, excellent for post-editing in Illustrator or other drawing package.


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It’s the trendy ’60s in an app! PhotoTropedelic ($1.99/ ₤ 1.49/ AU$ 2.49) offers the Peter Max visual aesthetic as an immediate filter result, transforming any kind of photo right into a psychedelic Woodstock stone poster, with optional stars and wild shades galore. In regards to large enjoyable element, it’s difficult to cover this gem.


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One of the more limited apps, Popsicolor ($2.99/ ₤ 2.29/ AU$ 3.79) does a single thing alone – watercolor performances – with a rather limited shade palette, yet the outcomes are aesthetically unique and also rather charming, and it can likewise manage high-resolution result. For a couple of bucks, it deserves the download.


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We’re not made use of to obtaining anything gratis from graphics gigantic Adobe, but this instead slick instant-painting application created to transform photos right into painterly artworks is entirely free. PaintCan (free) is truly wonderful, also, so what are you awaiting? Thankfully, no Adobe CC had to utilize this pleasant app.



The unbelievably soft, organic watercolor results made possible by Waterlogue ($2.99/ ₤ 0.79/ AU$ 1.29) are really without comparison, images certainly look they were rendered by a skillful artist, as well as a suitable selection of various preset ‘looks’ makes it even more than just a one-trick horse. One of our all-time favorites.



For the maximum option of painterly designs, Glaze (totally free w/ IAP) is the method to roll, with a handful of truly attractive base styles in the totally free version, and also a simple $2.99/ ₤ 2.29/ AU$ 3.79 to open the cooking area sink, with bunches of realistic paint effects and completely delicious result. Another IAP opens all form of innovative compositing alternatives. Glaze is a titan with repaint apps.


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If abstract art and mosaics are a lot more your design, this nice little brew of an application will certainly correct up your alley. Percolator ($2.99/ ₤ 2.29/ AU$ 3.79) instantaneously turns pictures into contemporary art work of arts, with some beautiful – as well as one-of-a-kind – visual styles that look like absolutely nothing else in the app establishment. This is one we would certainly enjoy to considered as a desktop filter at some point, but for currently, it’s iOS-only.

Tangled FX


Tangled FX ($1.99/ ₤ 1.49/ AU$ 2.49) is another app that has no direct competition, and also somewhat defies easy summary, suffice it to state that it transforms pictures right into wild, other-worldly forms of shining energy like absolutely nothing else we have actually ever before seen. Seek out the musician Alex Grey: if they might condense him down into an application, it would certainly be Tangled FX.


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When you get involved in an unique mindset, absolutely nothing fairly damages the creative itch like Glitché ($0.99/ ₤ 0.79/ AU$ 1.29), a significantly enjoyable as well as wild tool for ruining photos in manner ins which your moms and dads would certainly never approve of, from providing images as heaps of smileys to making weird extruded 3D wireframes from standard photos, Glitché is glorious annihilation for a single dollar – such an offer. A $2.99/ ₤ 2.29/ AU$ 3.79 IAP adds high-res output.


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PixelWakker ($2.99/ ₤ 2.29/ AU$ 3.79) makes a series of visual results that absolutely nothing else on iOS could match, but what’s truly intriguing about this application is that it can send the result directly to a vector-based PDF image, which can then be resized/edited without top quality loss in any sort of vector graphics program.