App advertising service Fiksu has actually been tracking adoption of Apple’s recent items, sharing some interesting data today comparing the brand-new iPad Air to previous iPad launches.

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Two days after the launch of the iPad Air, the brand-new tablet us share of total iPad task is five times that of the iPad 4 and even more than 3 times that of the iPad mini following their launches in 2012. The iPad Air presently stands for 0.73 % of total active iPads after 2 days, compared to 0.14 % for the fourth-generation iPads and 0.21 % for the first-generation iPad mini in the exact same period in 2012.

One caveat for the comparison to in 2012’s data is that the 2012 launches saw staggered releases for Wi-Fi and cellular models, with cellular models delivering at least two weeks later than Wi-Fi models in the first wave of countries. The information likewise follows a report from research company Piper Jaffray Friday showing from a little survey that 75 % of surveyed iPad Air buyers on launch day already had an iPad, compared with just 58 % for in 2012’s iPad mini launch.
In terms of present usage, the iPad Air’s 0.7 % share of active iPads still diminishes in contrast to various other models, with the iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, and first-generation iPad comprising 20.4 %, 22.0 %, 17.8 %, 38.6 % and 0.5 % of overall iPads respectively.

Fiksu is also tracking adoption of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iOS 7, finding stronger adoption for iOS 7 than was seen with prior variations of iOS. Fiksu’s data programs iOS 7 operating on 71.2 % of overall iOS gadgets, compared to 62 % for iOS 6 and 51 % for iOS 5 at this exact same point following their releases.

Lastly, Fiksu’s data on iPhone usage reveals the iPhone 5s comprising 4.6 % of total iPhones and the iPhone 5c making up 2.0 % of overall iPhones. The iPhone 5 still makes up the biggest share among all iPhones with a 37.3 % market share, followed by the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 with 30.4 % and 23.2 % shares respectively.