We discovered an iPad app that’ll keep your children captivated as students and sharpen their mathematics abilities all at the same time. The app is called Answer 2 Equations and we see this app serving for students, parents and really anyone who want to discover and sharpen their mathematics abilities. This iPad app offers a no matter what your age this math app provides a challenging level of difficulty and has actually struck a balance in between doing mathematics and having a good time in a game-like format. Answer 2 Equations offers you durable mathematics problems to solve utilizing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The game is set up so that you’ve even more than 60 total mathematics cards to choose from.(5 sets of cards numbered 1 with 12.). There are 4 levels of play which are: simple, Ambitious, Challenging, and Wonderful. (screenshots after the break)

How this iPad Game App Works

The object of the Response 2 Equations app is to make use of Arithmetic features (+ – x /) to come up with Solutions that match the Response Card. Each time you’ll be dealt a set of math cards that’ll be accompanied by a Response Card. Choosing from the the dealt set of cards, you need to develop equations that match the Response Card number in order to advance in the game. If a solution can not be discovered, then a brand-new card is dealt and contributed to the initial set. We think you’ll enjoy this app for iPad as it’s promoting and takes mathematics and makes it enjoyable in a game like interface.

This iPad app is readily available on the app store here for $2.99

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