iPad Messages settings

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Here’s another iPad Basics suggestion– again this is one that I see get asked an awful lot on support forums: The best ways to change the email address / addresses for the Messages app.

And it’s simple to do obviously. Right here’s how:

– Open the iPad’s Setups app

– Scroll down the left sidebar a little method and tap on the ‘Messages’ section entry

– On the Messages window on the right tap on the ‘Send and Get’ entry

– That’ll bring up the iMessage window on the right. This will show your Apple ID right at the top, followed by areas for ‘You can be reached by iMessage at’ and ‘Start new conversations from’.

iMessage Email settings

The ‘You can be reached …’ entry controls which email addresses are utilized when others are sending you iMessages. I have removed my email addresses from the screenshot above– however you can see the spaces where email addresses are listed. You can tap the blue arrow on the right of any existing entry to remove it. Or utilize the ‘Add Another E-mail’ entry to add a new or preferred e-mail account.

If you’ve even more then one email account listed for where you can be reached, then the ‘Start new conversations from’ section lets you set which address is utilized when you’re sending out brand-new iMessages.

Happy iMessaging on your iPad.