iPad Safari Address Bar

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iPad Safari Search Bar

This is another iPad Fundamentals tip that appears to come up typically in forum and support conversation threads: exactly what to do when the space bar secret is missing from the iPad’s keyboard in the Safari browser app.

In this case, it’s simply as much about exactly what to know as what to do. What you’ve to understand is that at the top of the Safari display there are both an Address Bar and a Search Bar. In the Address Bar you can just type website addresses, which do never have areas in them– so the iPad eliminates the area bar secret when you place your cursor in the Address Bar.

In the Search Bar– which is further right at the top of the Safari display– you kind search terms, which can have spaces. So the iPad keyboard consists of the space bar when you place your cursor in the Search Bar.

So if you find that the space bar is missing in Safari, it just implies that you are in the Address Bar, not the Search Bar– and you’ve to move your cursor over to the Search Bar if you should key in search keywords and use spaces.

In iOS 7, Safari gets a brand-new ‘unified wise search field’ which is just one bar that lets you enter a website address or a search term– as the Chrome internet browser performs in its omnibox. This is a much simpler way to do things and will be a welcome enhancement to Safari.