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Clearing out cookies and data in an internet browser can frequently be a beneficial thing to do, and the exact same holds true on mobile internet browsers like Safari that we utilize on the iPad. This can come in convenient when a site isn’t performing as expected, or when it fails to acknowledge that you’re logged in or out, or in a variety of various situations.

It’s simple to clean out all cookies and website information for the iPad’s Safari web browser. You go to the Settings app, tap on Safari, tap on ‘Clear Cookies and Information’ and confirm the action when prompted.

What I hadn’t realized until today, when I saw this helpful idea shared by Kelly Hodgkins at TUAW, is that you can also choose to just remove cookies and information for specific websites– and this is likewise really simple to do.

Here’s the best ways to erase cookies and data for specific internet sites on the iPad:

– Go to Settings > Safari.

– Tap on the Advanced bar down at the bottom of the Safari pane

– Then tap on ‘Site Data’ on the Advanced pane. That’ll present you with a screen that looks something like this:


You’ll see a listing of internet sites. Swipe left on the listing item for any of them and you’ll see the Delete button. Tap on that Delete button and the job is done– you’ve actually removed information held by that specific site.

Happy iPad web surfing.