Shared Photo Streams

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Sharing a Photo Stream, which is a hand-picked collection of your pictures in the iPad picture collection, is on of the coolest functions in iOS. With it you can quickly and quickly created a team of photos and immediately share them to friends and family.

This week I have learned an awesome new function that lets you provide the people you have shared your image stream with the capability to add to the photo stream– thanks to a post by my good friend Chris at everythingiCafe.

Here’s how you do this:

– Begin with a shared photo stream if you already have one, or create a new one. To create a brand-new one, go to the Photos app and tap on the Shared button in the bottom nav bar. Then tap on the ‘New Shared Stream’ button. Provide your brand-new stream a name and then pick t least someone to share it with and enter their email address where triggered.

New Shared Stream

– To enable those you shared with (who’re called subscribers) to contribute to your picture stream, initially open the stream you want to work with.

– Next tap on the People button near the top right of the page for that picture stream. This will bring up the Edit Image Stream popup dialog

Edit Photo Stream

– You’ll see that there’s a button identified ‘Subscribers Can Post’. Make certain this is readied to On.

And that’s it. This will allow individuals you’ve actually welcomed to share the photo stream to add photos and videos to the stream.

Photo Stream is already an excellent feature, and this useful little idea takes it to an additional level. It’s a great, simple way to share and develop image collections.