iPad Tips: iOS 7 Gesture Guide

February 15, 2014


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Let us be truthful, in some cases it can look a bit unusual to the unaware outsider when they see you magically waving your fingers in different methods all over your glossy iPad (things look even weirder if you start talking with it via Siri too). Nonetheless, from a user’s point of view, gestures on the iPad can really speed things up on an efficiency level. Here is an overview of all the major gestures in iOS 7. Practice makes ideal here and the more you make use of these motions, the even more you’ll discover yourself flying with your iPad.

The five fingered grab

5 finger grab If you’re in an app and you want to return to the home display quickly, put all 5 fingers on the screen and ‘grab’ your fingers together to a point. Graphically, you’ll see the app shrink and afterwards vanish into the home display.

The four fingered claw

fourfingerswpie If you’re using even more than one app at a time, as an example, emailing someone, and examining information in a web browser at the exact same time, the four fingered claw will switch over in between apps rapidly. Merely, when you’re in an app, put 4 fingers on the screen and swipe your four fingers from right to left. You can likewise swipe delegated right to obtain back to the app you were just in. Swiping more to the left will get you into all of the other apps you’ve actually utilized just recently. This is an actually quick method to switch over between apps on the iPad.

The four fingered uppercut

IMG_0581 Placing 4 fingers on the display and swiping up will open thumbnails of all of the apps that you’ve just recently utilized. You can then scroll through them by swiping your finger either way. On a retina display, this is extremely useful for checking information in multiple apps as the display is sharp enough to permit you to read the text in the thumbnail of each app, without having to go into each of the apps, hence conserving even more time. Swiping upwards with one finger on the thumbnail will ‘close’ the app, making use of two fingers, you can close 2 at a time.


The one fingered down swipe

IMG_0584 Swiping one finger downwards on any point on the display will open the iPad search. The search is a super quick way to open apps, or discover contacts or emails. Press anywhere on the home display to hide the search bar.

One fingered swipe from the bottom

IMG_0582 copy Placing your finger on the iPad’s bezel at the bottom of the display and swiping up onto the display will open the control center. Swipe downwards on the control center arrow to dismiss it.

One fingered swipe from the top

IMG_0583 As with the control center, website your finger on the bezel at the top of the iPad and swipe downwards onto the screen. This will open up the notifications center. Swipe upwards on the arrow at the bottom of the notification center to dismiss it.

There are tons more gestures in the iPad keyboard, Safari and in other apps, however if you understand of any other motions which turbo charge your performance on the iPad, please share them in the comments below.