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Apple gets some more fantastic iPad news, as new reports from Chitika show iPad owners generated 82.4 percent of traffic across the company’s advertisement network in the UNITED STATE throughout the month of May.

The figure is good for a five-month high, leaving the tablet competitors with many questions as to how the iPad will ever before be toppled.

As you can see in Chitika’s chart below, Amazon’s Kindle FIre lineup came in an unfortunate, distant, 2nd with 6.5 percent, while Samsung’s Galaxy Tab collection only mustered a measly 4.7 percent.


Chitika’s mobile gadget use share reports are consistent with virtually every various other metric released, all suggesting iOS gadgets being utilized at rates far superior than their ‘competitors’.

Taking their analysis further, Chitika likewise released the graph below revealing use for the Apple, Amazon and Samsung over a three-month span – March, April, and Could. The chart shows similar numbers each month, with Apple’s being the greatest it’s been in five months.


In various other words, Android tablets have a looooooonnnnnngggggg means to go before they catch the iPad.