Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus could be the most discussed iPhone model due to its larger screen and bigger battery, however early adoption rate metrics (by means of Mashable), suggest even more customers are picking the smaller sized iPhone 6 over its larger counterpart. How much of the distinction is due to customer preference compared to constrained products of the larger design is unidentified, nevertheless.

According to ad impression data provided by Chitika, the adoption rate for the iPhone 6 is more than 7x higher than the iPhone 6 Plus. On the Monday following launch, the smaller iPhone accounted for 1.5 percent of North American web traffic, compared with 0.2 percent for the iPhone 6 Plus.
Mixpanel, which measures mobile app usage, reports similar results with the iPhone 6 reaching 2.72 percent of determined traffic and the iPhone 6 Plus trailing with 0.54 percent. Mobile analytics firm Fiksu provides a third set of mobile metrics that also suggest the iPhone 6 is more popular amongst launch day iPhone purchasers.
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Chitika describes these results by recommending that the iPhone 6 Plus could be less popular amongst consumers due to the fact that it is niche product due to its bigger screen size. Supply restrictions likewise could be a factor, with the iPhone 6 Plus selling out quickly online and apparently being available only in restricted quantities this weekend in establishments.