As a victim of a poorly-made iPhone wallet instance that shed my ID as well as bank card, I’m constantly cautious when I attempt a brand-new one. I like lugging my belongings with my apple iphone so I don’t need an additional purse, yet I truly like hanging into my stuff also more.

The Urban Armor Gear Cannon fodder situation takes great pains to protect three to 4 plastic cards (and a little bit of cash) in its roomy interior and also provides a securing door that acts like a miniature safe – absolutely nothing’s going to drop out of this purse case.

That stated, this instance is sturdy. It’s a beast of a case that brings to mind the protectiveness of something like a LifeProof or OtterBox, though not very as intense. It’s also got this roomy interior on its rear end, like a vault door that puts your credit cards on lockdown.

This is a quite big contrast with other purse instances I’ve used or reviewed, each of which aimed to thin experiences down enough making putting my iPhone 6 Plus in my front pocket simpler. The UAG Cannon fodder, however, is not a simple pocket companion. It attempts, however, with rounded edges and a smooth outside that doesn’t get stuck on my pocket while I’m putting it away.

It’s likewise truly difficult to inform that it’s a purse instance, which contributes to the security of it all. With other slide-in purse instances, it’s evident that you’re carrying your credit history and also cash on the back of your apple iphone. This exactly resembles a greatly protective case.

I have actually dropped it a number of times, and it definitely is protected. The volume and also sleep/wake switches are totally enclosed by the polycarbonate plastic mold and mildew, while the mute switch as well as headset jack, Lightning port, as well as audio speaker under of my apple iphone are open to the air sufficient for use, my headsets do not require an adapter either – a welcome respite from the tyranny of overprotective apple iphone cases.

The vault-like door on the back is broken tight when shut – it takes a fair bit of effort to open it, which can be a bit unpleasant in the checkout line. Even the staff who bags my groceries provided me a ‘rush up’ look the remain time I aimed to get my debit card bent on spend for a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter.

Every time I open it, I’m afraid my cash and also cards are going to fly all over the place. Apparently, the designers thought this via, too, because there’s a subtle little lip on the within part of the situation where you store your cards. This keeps them inside the major area of the Cannon fodder when you need to pull open the little door.

Ultimately, this iPhone case is the most safe and secure as well as sturdy combo for remaining my credit history cards as well as cash with my smartphone I’ve seen. Sure, it’s a little chubby and takes a bit more initiative to get charge card out of than many, yet remaining my vital stuff with me has to trump style sometimes.

The UAG Cannon fodder is readily available for $39.95 for the iPhone 6/6S and also $49.95 for the apple iphone 6/6S Plus, and also it comes in black, white as well as rust red.