iPhones may soon be able to adjust volume based on proximity to your ear

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While the battle for which company has the much better smartphone commonly devolves into a mere spec war, in some cases it’s the easiest features that can help a phone stand apart from the competitors.

Even though Apple might be outgunned by other producers like HTC and Samsung when it comes to screens, cams, or raw power, the Cupertino company has probably always had an upper hand on the ease of usage over its rivals.

Now, Apple is potentially readying a new function which might make using the iPhone 5S easier and intuitive for its users.

With its most current patent, Apple has actually produced a way for the iPhone to automatically adjust its volume based upon the gadget’s distance to a user’s ear.

Hear, hear

According to Apple Insider, the U.S. Patent and Hallmark Workplace has given Apple the patent for ‘Adjustment of acoustic homes based upon distance detection.’

Using a variety of sensing units in the phone, the software would adjust the volume on the call accordingly based on which of the sensing units was covered up or exposed.

As long as a distance might be determined by the gadget, both the receiver and speaker volume can be configured with no input from the user.

Additionally, the patent works while the phone is already in usage, and might switch over the phone from the receiver to the speaker should an individual set the phone down during a discussion.

Though the patent does not explicitly state when or where Apple may use such a feature, the hardware already exists, so it’s completely possible such an upgrade can concern older iPhones as well as future devices.

Curiously, the patent’s approval comes simply a short time after the U.S. International Trade Commision (ITC) tossed out a sensor-related patent complaint levied by Motorola versus Apple.

Now that Apple appears to be free and clear, we might see this patent put to use quicker instead of later.

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