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Let us be truthful about exactly what we really want from Apple this week. All of us need to know if Apple can still blow us away, or if they are just a dull business now.

There are two schools of thought.

Explaining Apple Boredom

The initially, which I’ve actually described in this space previously, is that Apple just appears boring in between announcements. Instead of, say, the Android world where there’s huge news weekly, the Apple world is a news vacuum till Apple does its big disclose. If this is true, then in a few days Apple will be the ass-kicking ingenious, industry-leading business that we keep in mind which we want them to be.

The second school of thought is that, yes, Apple makes wonderful items but can no more delight. Now that Apple founder Steve Jobs isn’t there to enforce his distinct brand of visionary totalitarianism, Apple is slouching toward normalcy – a company that’s more worried about shareholders than altering the world. If that holds true, then it’s completion of a thrilling age in innovation.

We are going to find out soon enough.

Boring Doesn’t Mean Bad

When I talk about Apple being a “dull” business, I do not mean a company that makes second-rate items. Obviously they do not. And I do not suggest an unsuccessful company. These things are unassociated.

And, to be sure, the constant enjoyment in the Android space – the brand-new details, brand-new items and brand-new capabilities – does not suggest there are more-exciting items on the Android side.

The radical fragmentation of the Android world means that when you take a look at 5 awesome statements, they are almost always one statement per item. In order to get those five brand-new features, you need to get 5 phones.

Look at just one small example: smartphone photography. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a higher-rez electronic camera than the iPhone. The HTC One (perhaps) takes better photos in low light than the iPhone. Nikon and Samsung make actual digital electronic cameras that run Android. Sony has a new Android phone that takes photos and videos undersea. Japan’s NTT DoCoMo ships an app that combines panoramas with video. And, naturally, the biggest and most amazing information in Android video cameras is Google Glass, which both itself nominally runs Android and is enhanced by connectivity to Android apps on a neighboring phone.

This consistent drumbeat of exciting news about technologies and new products in the Android camera space obscures the fact that if you truly want the best camera-phone photos and videos, you ought to buy an uninteresting old iPhone 5. Each of those interesting announcements affects a different item.

There’s no connection between enjoyment and quality. So I am not asking whether Apple makes bad products now. I am asking: Can they still thrill, astonish and surprise? Or are those days over?

The Banality of Tim Cook

I presume that part of the growing monotony over Apple originates from the reality that Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of the most uninteresting individuals in the market.

Worse, Cook has the tendency to compensate for his dull, guarded speech with irritating promises of things to come. There’s an old joke about IBM that’s a woman saying: ‘My spouse’s an IBM salesman. He sits on the edge of the bed and informs me exactly how great it’s going to be when I lastly get it.”

And that’s the pattern Tim Cook has fallen under. He’s always alluding to interesting, remarkable things in development that he cannot talk about. This is a losing strategy. No one is delighted when you raise their expectations. And when the future shows up, no one is excited precisely due to the fact that you currently raised their expectations.

Comparing Cook with Jobs on the dullness scale is easy with 2 AllThingsD videos revealing Jobs making the point that Apple just wants to make the very best items with Cook at AllThingsD making the precise same, somewhat apparent point. However Jobs is electric. He draws you in and makes you lean forward. Cook resembles watching paint dry. He puts you to sleep.

There’s not much Apple can do about this dimension of its significantly dull track record. Jobs is actually and perfectly irreplaceable.

But exactly what Apple can do is shock us. It cannot0 be simple.

Can Apple Still Surprise Us?

Everyone is expecting Apple to reveal Monday a brand-new iRadio service, a new, ‘flat’ iOS 7, Mac OS X 10.9 and new laptop computers with Haswell chips.

Without any shocking, astonishing functions we did not know about, none of these announcements will raise the boredom curse. In truth, most of us are currently tired of hearing the reports about these things.

Even the amazing things have actually been so long-rumored that the truth threatens to disappoint. The iWatch. The TV set. These would be good. However even they may not save Apple from the uninteresting label due to the fact that they’ve actually been so heavily reported and illustrated with fan concepts that at this point they are simple expectations.

What everyone would like to know is: Can Apple still surprise and shock and thrill us? Or are they simply another company that’s continuously mentioning to that they cannot tell us about all the amazing things they are dealing with and that they’ll deliver some day.

Here’s the thing: We cannot0 understand if Apple is now a boring company till the fall statement. The factor is that they are most likely to reveal big-ticket, category-creating customer items like iWatches and Televisions closer to the vacations, not necessarily at a designers’ conference.

So, as always, an uninteresting WWDC doesn’t a boring Apple make. As Tim Cook is constantly telling us: We will need to wait and see.

Still, I ‘d enjoy an awesome surprise Monday.

Come on, Apple. Just one more thing.