Is Apple eyeing LG's Ultra HD panels for its own iTV set?

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Whispers relating to the legendary Apple iTV set have actually been so few and far between in recent months we were beginning to think there disappeared grapes expanding on that particular vine.

However, among the tech world’s most interesting topics reemerged with a vengeance today, with reports declaring the gadget isn’t just still in the works, however will now be Ultra HD-ready.

We’ve a dumpster truck filled with salt prepared to splash these reports, but the typically questionable DigiTimes site declared the business is in talks with LG to buy up a stack of 55- and 65-inch 4K panels.

Citing ‘reports’ instead of direct info from the typical supply chain sources, the report declared no deal has actually been completed, with Sharp noted as another prospective provider being thought about by Apple.

The 4K resolution?

For what it’s worth, an additional DigiTimes report from March showed that Apple was indeed looking to equip its TV boxes with 4K displays, with a launch pegged by the end of the year.

Talk of the iTV has actually been fairly silent since then, and possibly Apple has spent time thinking how it future-proof the gadget with a screen resolution 4 times greater than existing HD sets.

While this would make the Apple iTV a more fascinating proposal from a technological standpoint, it would definitely, depending on the launch timeframe, bump the price tag up substantially.

That might restrict Apple’s capability to make a sales splash with much of its existing user base, who may be used to paying a little additional for phones, tablets and computers, but are less most likely to fork over several thousands on a TV.