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Steve Jobs utilized to care for Apple’s most significant product unveilings prior to his death in 2011, and since then, they have been shared around among the top business executives. Scott Forstall dealt with everything iOS, but his departure from Cupertino last year left the door open for someone else.

At WWDC on Monday, Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software application Engineering, required to the phase to present iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, and he’s now being hailed the ideal frontman for Apple, with designers, fans, and even investors impressed by his pitch.

Federighi has actually belonged of Apple given that it obtained Steve Jobs’s NeXT back in 1997, however having invested much of his time dealing with enterprise software, he’s been primarily a background figure.

That altered last October when Forstall was ousted by Apple– supposedly due to his refusal to apologize for the whole Maps fiasco– and Federighi ended up being responsible for iOS and OS X. Now he’s the man everyone wants to hear from when Apple’s conferences come around.

And he does a great task of presenting brand-new items.

‘Mr. Federighi appeared at ease reacting to the audience and stopped briefly to say he, too, liked specific functions when they cheered,’ The Wall Street Journal reports. ‘Developers stated they were impressed with the performance.’

Federighi, worn pants and a t-shirt like the rest of Apple’s executive team, fractured jokes as he displayed new iOS functions, and often took humorous shots at Apple and undoubtedly Forstall for the widely slammed skeuomorphic designs in previous iOS releases.

‘We completely lacked green felt and wood,’ he stated, while describing iOS 7′s considerably various view. He also joked about how OS X’s brand-new Calendar app is able to remain on the screen without any virtual stitching.

Federighi was ‘personalized, effusive and enthusiastic about all the stuff he was announcing,’ at Monday’s keynote, said Nik Fletcher, a product manager with Realmac Software application. ‘You could state he set the tone and character for the brand-new Apple that appeared yesterday.’