Is the iPhone 6 really as big as this alleged battery leak suggests?

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The most current leaks regarding the iPhone 6 have recommended its screen will be larger than any iPhone past, and the most recent one points to the same.

This image, seen on Nowhereelse. fr, is presumably of the new iPhone’s battery, and it looks like it comes straight from the manufacturing facility floor.

But more notably the battery looks too big to fit inside any existing iPhone, including the iPhone 5S.

The last leakage revealed expected iPhone 6 molds that’d room for about 4.7 inches of Apple-y goodness, and this battery matches up well with that.

iPhone 6 battery

Far from the tree

There are likewise reports of a 5.5-inch brand-new iPhone, but the battery seen right here looks only somewhat longer than the iPhone 5S’s, so this leak doesn’t straight support the presence of an even larger iPhone.

The iPhone 6’s battery is likewise expected to be thinner than the 5S, but it’s not possible to distinguish this picture whether the battery envisioned below is thinner.

Then once more, there’s not a way to inform that this ares the iPhone’s battery at all that we are taking a look at.

In addition to modifications to its size and shape, the iPhone 6 is anticipated to be a significant modification to Apple’s renowned flagship in numerous areas.

We are hoping to see the brand-new iPhone in September, however hypothetically it can appear even quicker than that, so keep your eyes peeled for more leakages.