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Apple won a seemingly definitive triumph against Samsung in its patent-centric court fight in 2012, but the legal back-and-forth is far from over. The Cupertino company asked the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. to permit a sales ban on specific Samsung gadgets earlier today, and now the International Trade Commission has actually ruled that a few of Samsung’s older devices violate two of Apple’s patents.

The penalty? A ban on the importation and sale of those devices in the United States, need to the decision pass muster during a period of governmental review. President Obama has the choice to abrogate the ITC’s choice in this case (a capability he made the most of before, to Apple’s advantage), but unless he doings this Samsung and its UNITED STATE subsidiaries can only continue to sell those gadgets for 60 days.

The ITC’s ban depends upon patents no. 7,479,949 and no. 7,912,501, which take care of touchscreen heuristics and the capability to identify when something is plugged into an earphone jack, respectively. The body likewise explored cases that those exact same Samsung devices went against four additional Apple patents which mainly dealt with cosmetic issues like the ornamental design of a smartphone and the capacity to display clear images, however the ITC ultimately found no breach there. Curiously, one of those 4 patents (no. 7,789,697 to be particular) appears thematically like the earphone jack patent the Samsung was found to have infringed, but Samsung managed to prevent getting dinged a third time.

Of course, we’ve to take age into account right here – Apple and Samsung have been saying over the fate of these devices for many years now, meanings Samsung’s bottom line most likely will not be harmed too terribly if the head of state does not swoop in to overturn the ITC’s decision. We do not yet have a complete list of the gadgets that fall under the ITC’s exclusion order, but The Verge reports that we are mostly reviewing phones like the Samsung Continuum, Captivate, Fascinate, and the Galaxy S 4G. Nobody can criticize you if you did not recognize any of those names: those gadgets are all pushing 3 years old, and it’s really unlikely that Samsung had any left sitting its in sales stations anyhow. That said, the ITC’s ruling is last so there’s no way for Samsung to appeal the decision even if it wished to – it’s all approximately a higher power now.

UPDATE: Today’s Samsung’s official feedback on the matter:

“We’re disappointed that the ITC has actually released an exclusion order based on two of Apple’s patents. Nevertheless, Apple has actually been stopped from attempting to use its overbroad design patents to achieve a monopoly on rectangles and rounded corners. The appropriate focus for the smartphone industry isn’t a global war in the courts, however fair competitors in the marketplace. Samsung will remain to introduce many innovative products and we’ve already taken measures to ensure that all our items will remain to be offered in the United States.”

In case you have got a hankering for legal lingo, the complete ruling can be found below:

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