Foreign display screen maker Japan Present Inc. (JPI) is seeking to be Apple’s next go-to source for iPhone displays in the future, according to somebody ‘aware of the issue’ (using The Wall Street Journal).

With the rise in profit overseas, especially complying with Apple’s effort at a bigger existence in position like China over the past couple of months, the source reported that JPI is wishing Apple takes considerably of the price for the recommended plant’s investment. As explained by Reuters, JPI is pursuing the plant to be operable by following year, as well as wishes Apple itself would pay much of the forecasted 200 billion yen ($1.7 billion) cost of the project.
Japan Display, iphone 3g

“We are reviewing numerous factors to consider to reinforce our service competitiveness, consisting of new manufacturing facilities, however we haven’t made any sort of decision yet,” Japan Display said in a statement Friday. Apple declined to comment.

The unnamed source continued to describe the plant’s feasible place, explaining that Ishikawa, in central Japan, is ‘probably’ the website for the manufacturing plant. JPI runs a plant southeast of Tokyo, in Mobara, ‘makings 50,000 of the 1.5 by 1.85 metre sheets a month for apple iphone 6 screens as well as various other uses.’ Baseding on the source, the brand-new plant would have a ‘greater capability’ compared to also JPI’s Mobara facility.

JPI, developed from the distressed display sections of Sony Corp, Toshiba Corp, and also Hitachi Ltd, has currently viewed a rebirth of profit after 2 consecutive quarter losses thanks to raising demand from Apple-related gadgets. Now it wants a larger contract with the Cupertino-based firm – as well as its record-breaking earnings – to boost its own profits also higher.