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When I reviewed the first-generation JBL Fee back in 2013, I called it a ‘colorful pill of a speaker that looks almost like, as an accessory, it leaped from a new iPod touch commercial.’ I enjoyed it for its clear, crisp audio that was audible to beverage most rooms: It rendered the sound volume of the Huge Jambox in the original Jambox’s kind factor.

If it’s not plenty clear, I liked the JBL Charge. It finished up being my best household kitchen speaker for over a year, until I accidentally knocked it right into the sink while doing my recipes. As an indicator of its quality, it actually maintained working, but never seemed extremely the same.

Now I’ve tried the JBL Cost 2. And I have actually reached state, if the JBL Cost excelled, the Fee 2 is also much better, fixing a few of the first model’s oversights. It’s a strong selection if you’re seeking a portable Bluetooth speaker that can do more than simply play music.

First, some cautions. The majority of our encounters with speakers are informed by what type of material we’re listening closely to with them, and also I’m no exemption. I pay attention to music on my living area stereo, whereas I normally listen to podcasts as well as videos (through an anchored iPad above my sink) in the kitchen. That’s where I use the Charge 2.

For podcasting and films, the Fee 2 functions really well. Exactly what I particularly like concerning the Charge 2 over other, smaller Bluetooth speakers is the quantity: Also when I have actually acquired the water operating, I can plainly listen to Serial or the latest episode of It’s Always Sunny. Yet it deserves stating that these are hardly tough uses for a speaker.

Other reviewers of the JBL Fee 2 note that the speaker encounters some difficulty with loud bass, and also I have actually additionally noted in my testing some distortion on bass-heavy tracks, especially at high volumes. Generally, it boils down to the you want to finish with the Fee 2: If you pay attention to a lot of songs in the mid-to-high wide range, or if you want respectable bass at lower quantities, the Cost 2 is a great fit.

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Design-wise, the JBL Charge 2 is still the very same vivid little tablet that the work one was, with a few alterations. The built-in USB port as well as Micro USB billing port have actually been moved to the back of the device, permitting both sides of the Cost 2 to function as subwoofers.

Inside, the Charge 2 still has the exact same 6,000 mAH electric battery, which suffices to maintain the jams betting around 10 several hours or charge an apple iphone four or 5 times. If I’m bring a speaker about, I like it to be able to do a little greater than just play songs, so the capability to use the Charge 2 as a mobile electric battery pack is welcome.

The JBL Charge 2 likewise ships with a few new features. Firstly, treating a deficiency in the initial design, the Cost 2 includes a speakerphone for the very first time, as well as it functions well. There’s additionally a Social Method, which permits you to attach up to three various Bluetooth devices to the Charge 2 as well as take turns playing them. In my testing, this function worked pretty well, as well as could likewise be made use of to manage in between different connected gadgets without re-pairing them: for instance, an iPhone and an iPad.

So should you obtain a JBL Cost 2? I actually like mine, yet at $149.95, it’s not the cheapest Bluetooth speaker available. Hell, you could purchase respectable Bluetooth speakers for much less compared to $30 on Amazon.com these days, consisting of ones that look practically similar to the Jambox. If you do not require the Charge 2’s advanced functions or loud volume, the cost could be a bitter supplement to swallow. If you do acquire one, I don’t think you’ll be sorry for it.

You can acquire the JBL Cost 2 from Amazon here.