Advancing with our collection of keyboard evaluations, we’re looking at the portable, collapsible Jorno key-board. The Jorno made its debut on Kickstarter back in 2012, as well as after years of improvements as well as layout adjustments, the key-board started delivering out to customers in March of 2015.

The Jorno’s appearance is a fair bit various compared to the original principle presented in 2012, but the keynote is the exact same– it’s a tri-fold Bluetooth key-board that collapses down for far better transportability. The Jorno name declares the design of the keyboard, which resembles a Moleskine journal when it’s folded up for travel.
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What’s in the Box and Setup

The Jorno ships in a small box that likes the key-board itself, the cover/stand that holds it up, as well as a USB cord for billing. Establishing the Jorno takes merely a few seconds. When it’s unfolded, it’s powered on (as indicated by a thumbs-up) as well as Bluetooth can be switched on by holding down feature and also touching the Bluetooth secret (the ‘C’).
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From there, it pairs within the Setups food selection of an apple iphone or iPad like other Bluetooth accessory.


The Jorno is a two-piece device with a QWERTY key-board and also a different stand rather than a keyboard case, so it’s able to deal with a large range of gadgets, including the iPhone, the iPad, and various other smartphones as well as tablet computers. The primary element of the Jorno is the keyboard itself, which is collapsible and also can be folded down into a 5.7 by 3.5 inch package deal that’s after that covered by the case/stand for travel.
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When the Jorno is not in use, the black leather-like stand functions as a case, but when you have to kind something, it folds right into a triangular form held with each other by magnets, just like an iPad Smart Cover. A tiny plastic lip near the bottom ensures an apple iphone or an iPad remains in place, and the magnets that hold all of it together are strong enough that absolutely nothing is in danger of tipping over. Because it’s merely a simple stand, the Jorno’s situation can hold an apple iphone or iPad in landscape or portrait method for typing, watching video clips, and also more.
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On the base of the stand, there’s a plastic foot that could be taken out and also set right into several various positions to slightly change the checking out angle of an iPad or iPhone. The whole lip of the situation doesn’t glide out, yet the tiny section that does is strong enough to delay an iPad Air 2.
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Constructed from aluminum and also plastic, the Jorno key-board itself is light as well as simple to bring at 6.51 ounces. The aluminum outer section of the key-board is a dark silver shade (just like the Room Gray iPhone/iPad), while the plastic secrets and also the key-board are black. There are 2 rest on the Jorno keyboard to permit it to fold up down, experiencing both sides folding inward toward the center when it is collapsed.
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Because of the hinges, the Jorno keyboard does not lie entirely flat on a workdesk or table so it does shake back as well as forth a bit when you’re typing, an aspect that can be irritating. The hinges additionally avoid it from being used on a lap– when the hinges aren’t assisted on a flat area, they fold up inner considering that they do not secure place. The hinge’s folding system is smooth and it takes merely seconds to fold/unfold the Jorno keyboard and also stand when getting ready to keep it away or utilize it.
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Aesthetically, the complete Jorno plan is small and inconspicuous. The keyboard has a basic no-frills design, as does the stand, however the keyboard is marred by 4 screws that hold the hinges in position. The screws peek up over the top of the key-board and also are aesthetically disruptive, yet do not obstruct of typing.
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The Keys

The best descriptor for the Jorno’s keys is ‘clicky.’ They make an audible clicking audio when typing and that click is louder compared to the click of the keys on a MacBook. Folks which choose a quieter keyboard may not such as the louder-than-average clicking sound.

Key feel is just one of the most crucial aspects to think about when it involves a portable key-board, and also this is a location where the Jorno does a strong job. The tricks feel pleasing to type on and also are similar to the tricks on your typical desktop keyboard.
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Compared to a MacBook Pro or Air key-board, the Jorno has a similar feel, but it takes a bit a lot more force to push a key down as well as there’s slightly even more travel. It’s not very the same sensation as typing on a MacBook key-board, but it’s similar sufficient that it’ll really feel familiar from the first press. Dimension sensible, the Jorno key-board is much more small than a MacBook key-board, so the secrets are smaller sized as well as closer with each other. When unfolded, the Jorno is about 10 inches in length.

It takes a while to adapt to the dimension difference in between the secrets on the Jorno if you’re utilized to keying on a MacBook Air or Pro, yet after a brief amount of time the ordinary touch typist should end up being accustomed to the spacing and also will certainly be able to kind almost as rapidly as you do on MacBook.
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The Jorno is created to deal with a vast array of tools, so it’s obtained keys that are certain to Windows, Android, as well as iOS devices. Toggling between the three modes can be done by holding back the feature trick and also pushing the suitable secret on the keyboard.

When in iOS mode, holding back function and also pushing the keys set up on top of the key-board makes it possible for several iOS-specific functions. There’s a key to go back to the iPad or iPhone’s residence screen, initiate a search, choose text, copy, paste, manage media, and also alter the volume of a device.

Other Features

The Jorno has a battery that lasts for 85 hours of continual typing or 220 days in standby, meanings that you ought to just should demand it as soon as a month approximately depending on your use routines. If you’re just typing periodically, you may simply require to ask for every few months. Billing is finished with the accompanying Micro-USB billing cable.

To preserve battery life, the Jorno key-board turns on whenever it’s unfolded and also it closes off when it’s closed. It will likewise go to sleep after 2 minutes of inactivity, waking up once again experiencing an essential press.

Kickstarter Controversy

Kickstarter backers who bought a Jorno key-board hesitated 3 years to get their practical a finished item, as well as what backers obtained was a good key-board, but not specifically what had been promised at the beginning of the campaign. The Jorno wased initially applied Kickstarter in 2012, where it elevated greater than $100,000 in promises, so we would certainly be remiss in addition to the hundreds of clients which hesitated years for a product that looked at several design changes.

Looking into the Jorno’s history, concerns experiencing the key-board maintained turning up over the style duration, resulting in delay after delay, occasionally with little communication from the Jorno group for months at a time.

The Jorno Kickstarter backers paid for folded greater than three times and it was more compact than the final variation (initial estimated dimensions were 3.5′ x 3.5′ x 1.2′ vs. 5.77′ x 3.53′ x 0.67′), which isn’t really very comfortably pocketable, considering that it’s nearly an inch close the case. Some initial Kickstarter backers are let down in the end product, while others are just pleased to receive a product whatsoever. Eventually, the Jorno team finished up experiencing a decent product that’s going to appeal to new individuals, however it’s not extremely the ‘world’s tiniest folding Bluetooth keyboard’ as was promised to original backers (that title now visits the TextBlade).
jornooriginal, ipadThe original Jorno prototype
When looking into the Jorno’s past, we located a similar product from EC Technology readily available on at a much lower price, leading us to concern which item preceded. Numerous of the original Kickstarter backers have actually additionally questioned the Amazon item, so we asked Jorno developer Scott Starrett for a description, as well as in a declaration, he stated the version available on is a duplicate of the Jorno product.

We have actually functioned for two years to create a patent-pending style that offers a genuinely superior mobile keyboard encounter. Throughout the manufacturing process, we realised that other companies started making a really similar product including non-standard UNITED STATE crucial formats. As a technology startup, we have actually found out a whole lot throughout the process liking the fact of duplicates in manufacturing, in some cases to the detriment of initial developers. We guarantee Jorno’s high quality design and back it experiencing our 90-day guarantee. We’re positive that Jorno individuals will certainly love the keyboard as considerably as we do.

While the imitator item is readily available at a less expensive cost, it does not supply the accompanying leather stand as well as case that gives the Jorno its trademark appearance, and it supplies no efficiency guarantees.

Who’s It For?

If you’re looking for a mobile key-board that can be made use of experiencing multiple devices, the Jorno is worth thinking about. It will function experiencing Macs, the apple iphone, and also the iPad, plus various other non-Apple tools. Several of the previous keyboards we have actually considered have actually been limited to the iPad.

The Jorno folds up right into a dimension that makes it very easy to penetrate a publication bag or bag and the keys have a feel that transcends to several iPad keyboard cases on the market. The case/stand is well built and also has an excellent, solid magnet inside, and also the entire package works well together.
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For a basic keyboard that offers couple of attributes beyond portability, the Jorno has a high cost. It’s more expensive compared to several various other collapsible keyboards on the market, yet it’s an arguably more stylish option. One major caveat– if you require a keyboard that can be used in a range of circumstances where a standard area isn’t really consistently readily available, the Jorno is not an excellent selection. Its hinges do not sturdily secure right into place, so it’s visiting fold up inwards whenever it’s not on a table.

  • Good key feel
  • Compact and portable
  • Unobtrusive look
  • Versatile, collaborates with numerous devices


  • Rocks a little on a flat surface
  • Can’t be used in a lap
  • Protruding hinge screws
  • Features are also basic for the price

How to Buy

The Jorno can be bought from the Jorno site for $99.99.